"Sad, Beautiful, Tragic Burning Red Affair."


        So, I have had an interesting day today. So, I had a sleepover yesterday. It was SO fun! We went shopping, made cupcakes, and played with dolls. So, today I had gymnastics and we were doing handstands ( I am horrible at handstands. I sometimes cartwheel into them. :(  ) So, then my coach was helping me and I thought he stepped back but, he didn't. Then I accidentally kicked him arm with my ankle. Burning Red! It felt like kicking a big ol' buff guy. A.K.A= A rock. So, then a couple hours later it got swollen and my mom said I've got a sprained ankle. UGH! That means I won't be able to play. I might just sit down and talk. One, other that I forgot to say that is not burning red. I rand the bell 3 times in a row. Oh yeah!




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