Brooklynn's Tall Halloween Tale- Princess Brooklynn and the Last Unicorn Halloween Sequel! (Mini Stories)

Hello girle's'!

Today Princess Brooklynn (daughter of Cinderella) is telling us her short Halloween tale. I hope it's spoooooo-ky!

Brooklynn’s Tall Halloween Tale

Hello everyone. This is Princess Brooklynn and I have a tall Halloween tale for all of you. Just remember all of this is true so be careful. Narrator...role the story!

Once upon a time long ago, there lived a wise and gentle king (my great grandfather). His name was King Brutus the brutal. The people in the town called him “the brutal” because he was very harsh. He set hard rules and only cared about himself.

One day, he rode his horse into the mountain where the unicorns live today. There he was visited by an enchantress that told him to care about his people or he will die. The king didn’t care about his people. So, she struck him with her wand and he perished into small ashes. That  didn’t stop him. Every October, he would begin to haunt the mountains again and he visited people’s houses and turned them evil. One of those houses, was mine.

“Bring it in slowly, father,” Brooklynn said gently. Brooklynn and her father were getting ready for Claire’s birthday, so they had to be quiet.

“There we go. Let me go get the last one,” Brooklynn said.

“Be careful. King Brutus my come and get you,” her dad said as he spun me around.

“I will,” she smiled as he put her down.

As Brooklynn walked outside, she heard wolf howls.

“Oh. That just must be my friend, Princess Molly. She can turn into a wolf,” Brooklynn giggled.

Then, Brooklynn  heard whispers and she ran inside to her father.

“Dad, I heard whisper noises and...and-,” she said afraid.

“Do you want me to go out with you?” He smiled.

“Yes, please,” she returned.

That night, Brooklynn got her silk, pink, ruffled Pajamas on and went to bed.

Suddenly, the windows opened and the wind blew harshly. The door opened and closed and the lights flickered on and off. Just then, a dark shadow rose and turned all my walls into dark grey ripped apart walls. Brooklynn screamed and all of a sudden it went away as her parents walked into the room.

“Is everything alright?” her mother asked.

“Uhhh...yeah! Just had a dream I met Nahile Lucas. Nothing crazy,”Brooklynn  laughed hesitantly. They shut the door and she hid under her covers telling herself it was just a dream. Sadly, it wasn’t. It happened all again and the dark shadow rose and turned into a ghost.

“Who are you?” Brooklynn asked whimpering.

“I am ghost King Brutus the brutal, Princess Brooklynn,” he said.

“ do you know my name?” Brooklynn asked as she straightened herself up stiffly.

“Oh...I know everything. Absolutely everything,” King Brutus said as he flashed many moments that he knew, “Now, I am  here because I need a queen to help me rule the underworld. What do you say?”

“Ewww…I would never. First, I’m sixteen. Second, ewwww! Never,” Brooklynn said disgusted.

“Your choice,” Brutus said.

Brooklynn ran out of her room and down the halls.

“There’s got to be a book about this. The library!” Brooklynn thought.
She ran down to the library to look for a book about King Brutus. She searched and searched and then she finally found it. She sat on a stool and read about king Brutus.

The book said, “Released  by the magic of the all powerful glass sword, King Brutus roams the town of Paris. When a young cinder tried to kill Brutus with the sword, it shattered into small pieces. The only way to break the magic of King Brutus is if the all powerful glass sword can be rebuilt, but with a rare queen unicorn gem. The builder must stand on top of the mountain where unicorns now live and push it into the ground”

Brooklynn had no idea how to create a glass sword. What was it? How does it help? Wait! She had glass powers. It was time for her to make it. She warmed herself up but almost forgot to get the unicorn jewel. She got her cloak and jumped on her dapple horse. She ran fast into the Forbidden Forests and past the Forbidden meadow and to the mountain. She jumped her horse and ran into the mountain as all the unicorns greeted her. Out walked Swift, the youngest winter unicorn. Brooklynn hugged the filly as she was about to walk to the spot where the queen unicorn lives. It’s a tall gazebo filled with long purple and pink flowers. The unicorn stood up as she saw Brooklynn. Brooklynn explained the problem and the unicorn let her get the gem. She took it out of it’s spot and started to build the sword. It was very fragile and as she stuck the gem in it’s spot, it glimmered. Brooklynn thanked the unicorns.  She ran to the top of the mountain and stuck the sword into the mountain. Brutus fell to the ground and disappeared back to the underworld. Brutus was defeated. Finally! What she didn’t know was that Brutus would travel to another world called...Arendelle.

The story lives on! King Brutus will travel to Arendelle and he will visit two cousins at different times. What will happen next?

Watch and wait for King Brutus's return.





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