Tips on How to Sing Better | That Singer Songwriter on Every Girle'

Here are some super cool tips on how to sing better! 

1. Be confident | If you are not confident, you can't be a singer. You have to be confident in your ability.

2. Breath control is SUPER important | breath control is super important when singing. You have to  have the right amount to breath to sing the note perfectly and to get a long note out.

3. The right diet | the right diet is really important. Not like eating, but drinking. Tea is really good for your throat and so is honey. So make sure to drink a lot of tea because it is really good for you.

4. Warm - ups | warm ups are ESSENTIAL if you want to become a singer. You know if you go to the gym everyday, your muscles get a little bit stronger everyday. Same with your vocal chords. You have to exercise them everyday in order for you to sing higher.

5. Last, but not least, know the difference between chest voice and head voice | They are exactly what they sound like. Your chest voice is the voice in your chest that you talk with. Your head voice is the really high voice you use when you get to that high note. You have to know the difference between these in order to know how to transfer over to each one. 




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