Happy Father's Day to my Papa!

Me and my papa. Girl, what's with that haircut? 2014

I want to give a shout out to my awesome dad is who absolutely awesome! He is super funny and is just awesome in every way.

We have this awesome inside joke that nobody would understand but us...and I love to play along with that.

He is better than I could've ever asked for. He is super fun, crazy, funny, dorky, and awesome to be around. Without him, I wouldn't know some of the stuff he taught.

For example, I was taking this home school program that was super difficult and I had to do this big math thing in two days. It was awful! If I didn't do it, it was going to affect my grade. He was the one to help me through it. We got through it together just in time, and now I know some math equations I wouldn't really know without him. He was the one to sit down with me every morning to teach me the math concepts I needed to finish school. And I am eternally grateful for that. He wasn't always patient, but that is what comes along with being rushed. :) He was still awesome and managed to get through some of the frustrating times.

One year, he was diagnosed with cancer. I was told when I got back from camp and that was one of the most horrifying moments of my life. I swear, I felt like I couldn't breathe and like my heart stopped. My body went into a panic. Just the thought of losing him was absolutely horrifying. What would I do without him? Lucky for us, we got a call saying it was a machine mistake and that he was fine. We all rejoiced and that was a moment when you realize that you should never take someone for granted. They could die within the next second and what would happen? He is one of the most amazing people in my life and just the thought of losing him was absolutely horrifying. I am super grateful that he is okay and well and that he is still with me.

He is amazing at building stuff. He built a bunk bed for my sister and I! It was amazing! He has also built many other things, like American Girl bunk beds, American Girl beds, and so much more. He has a super creative mind that goes non-stop. He is constantly coming up with new ideas on what to do and new projects he starts and finishes. He will be brain storming with my mom and they together come up with brilliant ideas. Like for example, they were trying to come up with ideas on how to redo our house. As she popped an idea off, he popped off another, then her, then him, then her, then him. It was just awesome to see how creative these two people together are! They are a great team.

He is incredibly good with computers. He is like a computer genius. So, a couple months ago, my computer was heating up too much and it completely killed itself. It wouldn't turn on anymore. So, I was really upset because I had all my things on there, my songs, stories, you know? So, he stepped in a took the computer. He fixed it in like a couple hours! What seemed like an unfixable thing, he did, because he is that awesome! He codes amazing websites like the one he did for our house in Big Bear. He is incredibly professional and the websites he make are awesome! He, also, makes apps using the computer. He made this one awesome app that I love to play around with. It is for schools where they can sign in and out. It is super awesome! It looks totally professional and works really well. He truly is a pro.

He is, also, incredibly funny in his own way. My papa and I have our own inside jokes that nobody would understand and I love them! Sometimes, he will take us to the pool across from our house and he is super fun to play with. He likes to throw us in the pool and play kind of rough, but honestly, it is the best to play with him like that. He likes to pick us up and plop us on the couch or even throw us into the pool. It is so fun being around him! Especially at laser tag! He goes into "survival mode" like he is in the Hunger Games and it is super funny. It is like war! He is super fun competition.

Like most people, he has a sweet tooth. He will seriously go to the store and come home with a bunch of sweets. It is super awesome! He loves to eat pie (no, not pi), donuts, and of course, FROYO! Frozen yogurt is like our special thing. Every laser tag trip we go on, he will stop and take us to frozen yogurt.

He cooks like an angel from heaven (if they cook). He is seriously one of the best cooks ever! (no offense, mom :D). He makes this amazing salmon in the oven that I honestly can't get enough of.  Oh my gosh, and the lasagna he makes! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It is our secret family recipe and we only make it every once in a while for holidays, and honestly it is one of the best things I've ever had in my life. It's super creamy and not too saucy. It's unbelievable.

Most of all, he is super amazing all the time and I am so happy and grateful to call him my 'papa'. He is super awesome and I can't wait to see what other amazing things he's got in store.

Buona festa del papĂ ! Happy father's day!


And if my nonno is reading this, BUONA FESTA DEL PAPA! 

Ti voglio tanto, tanto bene e sarai sempre nel mio cuore! Sei super sorprendente in costruzione , quando fai il pasticio, e di essere il mio nonno. Sei super gentile e meraviglioso! Ti voglio tanto bene!

I love you so, so much and you will always be in my heart. You are super amazing at building, when you make lasagna, and being my grandpa. You are super kind and wonderful! I love you so much!



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