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This page is for girls who need help with things like bullies, or school things, or anything you need help with! Here's how it works: So, first, you can either ask your question by contacting us or by commenting. Then we will answer your question as soon as possible! You will get answer by me, Sienna, Molly, Jessa, Aridessa, Rose, Breyer, Brenton, Brekin, Carmen, Cerise, Mia, Anna, or Keira. Just ask for the one you want us to answer. Here's one question we got from Abigail.

Abigail says: Hi Every Girle'! I am a big fan! I really need your help!! So, there is this girl at school and we've been friends since I started Middle School (which was last year). But, I feel like she isn't really my friend. She doesn't support me. You know like friends are supposed to lift you up, not make you fall. She isn't very interested in me and she lies to me, too. There are so many things I could tell you about that she did. I, also, overheard her say that she doesn't want to invite me to her birthday party. PLEASE HELP!!!! Thank you!! And is it okay to have Cerise answer my question? Oh and her name is Brianna. 

Breyer Says: Of course! I will get her right now! ;-) **Wink, wink**

Cerise Says: Hi Abigail! Cerise here. I think that you should do two different things. #1: Ask her why she doesn't want you at her party. She may have a really good reason. #2: A best friend who doesn't invite you to her party is showing a big aggressive message that she really isn't your friend and I totally agree that best friends lift you up. If they make you fall by like sending mean aggressive messages like that, they are REALLY not your friend. I had a friend like that once. She did the exact same thing to me. So, I stood up to her. I gave her a clear message that she is not allowed to treat me like that. That is my advice to you!- Cerise

Abigail says: OMG Cerise!! You are a life-saver!! Thank you so much!!!!!!


Caroline says: Hi guys! This is Caroline. I really need your help! There is this girl at school. She's the bully. She's always trying to hurt me and bring me down. I'm basically her target. Will you ask Carmen if she can give me some advice?

Brekin says: Of course! Let me get her!

Carmen says: Hey Caroline. I heard you need my help with bullies. Here's my advice. Bullying is a part of life. It teaches you how to handle certain kinds of people. But, I am going to help you avoid get hurt and broken down.

Rule #1: Tell a parent or teacher

Rule #2: NEVER, EVER fight back (Physical fighting). It will make the bullying worse.

Rule #3: Ignore them. 

Rule #4: If you are with a really good friend, they may try to defend you.

My advice. I know I am not the best one at giving advice.



Lucy says: Hi! I need help. I have to audition for a big role tomorrow and I am very afraid I'm going to mess this one note up. People make me nervous. Can you help, Aridessa?

Keira says: Hold on while I transfer her to you!

Aridessa says: Hi Lucy! I can totally help you! So, what I think you should do is block all the people out. Just think about you and your voice. It's just you and it on the stage. When I'm at an art competition, I get nervous too. So, I have two strategies. 1. The ol' pretend people are in underwear trick. 2. I pretend like it's just me and the brush.

Another thing. Believe in yourself!! That is my #1 thing I will advise to any girl! B.e.l.i.e.v.e!

I hope I helped!

Lucy says: Thank you so much for the help! You are a great writer!!

Mia says: Hey!

You will see many messages like that on this page.

More messages coming soon.





  1. Ok, this is one of my new favorite pages on EG! I love how girls can truly share what they're feeling

  2. I just really love giving girls advice!


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