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               Hello Girle' Fans!

                    My name is Carrie Caballo and  I'm your up to date news specialist. Today we are going to talk about something so shocking! Brekin Ariage Rose cut............... her hair!! AHHHHH!!!! We got pictures of this breaking news.

From Chic:                                                                                          

Brekin told us " I like my new hairstyle and that's a good thing. If I'm always following what the public says, I wouldn't be me, I would someone else."

" I may change into side bangs sometime soon or I may keep it this way." Brekin said.


Hello Girle's.
So, when Brenton's dad surprised her with a paintball gun she was very surprised but, she wasn't nearly as surprised (in this case shocked) as last night when her father gave her an invitation to his wedding. He had gotten engaged to Miranda Simpson 2 months before she turned 11 years old. For 6-7 months he hasn't told his own daughter that he was engaged. Make that 3 years that he hasn't told Brenton that he had a girlfriend. 

Brenton told us how she felt. She said," I want him to be happy, I just wish he had told me that he had a girlfriend." She also said," It just won't feel the same without my real mother."

Brenton's mother died of pneumonia 3 years ago but, there has been a clue that she maybe was divorced and her father told Brenton and her brother and sister a lie.

The wedding is tomorrow. We will have more about this breaking news tomorrow. 

Today, we are here at the wedding of  Brenton's dad. It just finished and Miranda and Aidan never got married. Instead, Aidan married Brenton's real mom, Melissa Clydesdale.

Just when they were saying the vows, a young beautiful woman opened the door and said," STOP!!" She ran up to Aidan and explained why she left. He was shocked. He thought she was dead.They instantly fell in love again. Miranda said," I will not have you marry her! I have to rule over your children!! OOPS!"  Brenton's dad said he was going to marry Melissa. Brenton said," It was gross and romantic at the same time."

Hi! It's Carrie here. Some people say," Sticks and stones can't break my bones." Apparently, they can.

Rose was up in the mountains with her family when she tripped on 2 stones and a big
 log.  She rolled down the hill and when the family got down from the mountain, she couldn't move her arm. They took her straight to the hospital and she got a pink cast.


We have EG great news! We have found the new Girle' of the Year! The Girle's here 
are excited but, Alyssa Aubree Skylar is not excited. She wants to stay as the Girle' of 
Year forever. 

When the Girle' of the Year came in, she didn't understand that she was going to be it ( To be the Girle's of the Year, you have to audition. The girle's here have to like you and like your personality.You also have to be very active or you have to be very enthusiastic.  Normally they'll hire a kid but, next year they'll hire a teenager!)
Alyssa thought this girl was better then her. So, she is getting really jealous. The

girle's here are very disappointed in Alyssa Skylar and are thinking of "expelling" her 
from Every Girle'. Breyer said," I think Alyssa should be happy for this girl. It's not 
really fair! After all she has like 3-4 months with us."

We asked many people about this decision and they didn't like this at all. 8 year old,   Delaney Obtique, told us," NO!! They can't expel her! I look up to her! Other than Brenton, she is my favorite." 

Single mother, Lian Moove, told us," I think Alyssa shouldn't be jealous. After all, she has been here for quite a while now. I know my daughter looks up to her but, Alyssa isn't playing fair.

Mother of five, Louisa Pitts said," I think Alyssa should be jealous. She has only been here since the beginning of July. I think the girle's should expand her time here."
The girle's are making their decision tonight. So, stick around this week and we'll be talking about it.

Carrie Caballo- 10/16/13

Hi! It's Carrie. We have found out that Alyssa Skylar will be staying but, the girle's will limit her time. Instead of her leaving on December 31st, 2013, she will be leaving Decmber 27th, 2013. It is a bit of a bummer but, hey she deserves it!

Meanwhile, we are going to give you a sneak peak at the girle' of the year 2014

This is all we can tell you. 

She has blonde hair

She is 16.

Well, that is it.

Carrie Caballo- 11/12/13

Hello! It's Carrie Caballo here with EG breaking news!

Today, Rose and Breyer got amazing deals. Breyer got a record deal and Rose got into the most amazing animal training contest in the world! Amazing Trainers! She won the contest all thanks to her mom. Her mom taught her everything she knows.

Now they are on magazines and Breyer's new album comes out in a month (12/ 31/13).

Her album is called Breyer Morgan. I've heard her demo songs and they're pretty good.

Meanwhile the girls are shining in the spotlight, Aridessa entered an art contest with her finest painting. Brenton had an interview with the 2014 Girle' of the Year so she can put that on her page. Brekin went to Paris for a fashion show. The girle's wish 
they were as famous as the two girls. They're still trying to be happy for them.

Here's a picture of them.

Breyer's new album photo Rose's photo

Carrie Caballo 11-21-13

Most amazing news or EG news! The house across from Breyer has been put up for sale. Two girls came over to look at it and they were interested in buying it. The girle's here were SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. They wanted to add the two sisters as honorary girle's. 
Exciting, right. So, after Christmas they are looking to buy it. The girle's want to add her in by Christmas. You may like these girls. Watch and wait. You may see them December 26th, 2013.

Another house also was put up for sale. It is behind Rose and Aridessa's house. A young 
girl and her father looked at it. They were interested and are looking to buy around Christmas. The girle's are also interested in excepting her into the girle' group. Stick around and you may see her, too, as a girle'.

Carrie Caballo- 11-21-13

What are the Girle's doing for Thanksgiving?

Brekin- Brekin is having her big family from France come and visit. They have been here since Monday. They'll have a BIG turkey, mashed potatoes and so much more

Brenton- Brenton is going to the senior center to make Thanksgiving the best it could be for them!

Rose- Rose has a big animal competition she has to get ready for. Afterwards, she is going to her favorite restaurant, Lame Bumper, to unleash her success with her family.

Breyer- Breyer has her first mini concert. She is having it in the park they live by. 222 people will be there. After, she will go with her family,Rose and Aridessa to have a big feast at Lame Bumper.

Aridessa- Aridessa is finishing her annual Thanksgiving painting. She just finished it 
yesterday and has showed the judges.  Then she will go with Rose and Breyer to kick back and have some fun!

So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

P.S- I am going a cruise to the Bahamas.

Carrie Caballo- 11-28-13 

       Carrie Caballo reporting live! Get exited because Today I'm going to tell you who the new girles' are! 

DRUM ROLL PLEASE....Carmen Faith Rosa and Cerice Torie Chapmen!

Carmen is training to be a Olympic swimmer and Cerise is a archer! Carmen can swim faster than anyone I've ever seen, and Cerice can shoot a bull's eye from a mile away!
These girle's are truly amazing. But we still have to wait, because their release date is on valentines day! But That's all for now. I don't want to give to much away. 


HI GIRLE FANS! This is Carrie Caballo.
You won't BELIEVE what someone said to Aridessa! Aridessa was feeling really down in the dumps
because Aridessa was painting by the pool when Aridessa's "friend's" dog came running toward her, nocked her painting off the easel and sent it falling down into the water. Her "friend" came running over and apologized. But then guess what she did!!!! She told Aridessa that she would help her paint a gallery and that she could redo that painting. Aridessa thought that sounded fun! But then  her not-
so-friend said that since it was her idea,  that she had to be incharge! She also said that "the deal"was that she would let her HELP PAINT! Can you BELIEVE that?!?!?!? How could someone say they were going to "help" than completely take over!? And saying that she would LET her paint? And Aridessa thought that it was going to be a fun partnership!
"It's just not fair, first she ruins my hard work and then she gets really bossy!" Aridessa says.
I can tell you, if someone did something like that to me I would be in tears.
This is Carrie Caballo, goodbye for now.

Hello! This is Carrie Caballo. Coming to you from the girle's favorite restaurant, Lame Bumper.
"Why am I here" you ask? BECAUSE LAME BUMPER MAY BE CLOSING DOWN!!!! AHHHH! It may be closing down because the owner was heard yelling to a staff member and one of the costumers reported it to the police! The police did a investigation, and they found a nest of rats! The
police stopped the investigation there, but EG News went farther.

 Our investigation took us all around the restaurant. We found that the nest of rats was implanted by...the fired staff member! He put the rats in there so the restaurant would close down for revenge. The new girle's, Carmen and Cerise are helping us catch the bad guy! "We may not have been girle's for long, but we WILL save the place we love!" Say Carmen and Cerise.


This is Carrie Caballo, your host for EG News. We are here with the two new Girle's, Carmen and Cerise. They are telling us some secrets to their lives.

Carmen told us, "I love archery. It is creepy how much I love standing in the wind with my hair blowing while I have my hand pointed near the target"

Cerise told us, "Secrets, secrets, what?! There is no secret here. You know nothing about me. Muhaha...Sorry got to go,"

Wow, mysterious Cerise. Are you a princess or like a mermaid? 
Hahahahahahahahaha......funny Carrie. You are fun-ny.

This Carrie Caballo signing off.


This is Carrie Caballo, your host for EG news. Today, we have Cerise's swim trials. She is in the bathroom now, preparing for the competition.

Cerise has just walked out in her bathing suit. She has a really worried face. I can't imagine why. She has been swimming before she could walk.  

"This is it! Conceal, you can't let them know. It could ruin your swimming career forever! Plan, plan, plan...plan! I will swim really quickly here and back!" Cerise thought.

"ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!!!" the coach said. Cerise is swimming really quickly. GO CERISE! She's swimming and swimming. Will she make it? UH-OH...She stopped. She is jiggling. Why? Her feet are blue and scaly! She's a...MERMAID! I cannot believe it! How can a human girl be a mermaid? This is amazing.

Cerise is out of the pool and reporters are gathering around her but, Cerise is saying it was just a trick of the light. She's saying she isn't a mermaid and that they are seeing things. 

Well, my eye sight has been a little strange, lately. I think she's right. But, I'm going to secretly investigate, "spy" in a sense. 

This is Carrie Caballo signing off.


HELLO EVERYONE!!!   This is Carrie Caballo with new news on the big story with Cerise.  We caught her diving into the ocean, but she didn't resurface for a long time...HAS SHE DROWNED?!?!?  Wait...what is that? I see a long blue tail in the distance! It's probably just a dolphin...WAIT IS THAT BLOND HAIR!?!??!! It's coming closer, and CLOSER! ITS GOING TO ATTACK US ALL!! AHHHHHHH! Is that Cerise coming out of the water? Yes! Yes it is! That's weird...her legs look scaly! Were my eyes playing tricks on me at her swim meet? Or is she actually a mermaid!!?!?!!?? She's swarmed by reporters once again.  I see Carmen running towards her. She is 
starting to shoo the reporters away. She is saying something to Cerise and comforting her. Carmen pulls her into a hug and then they both rush away. I can assure you that I am utterly confused. Is this just a bad case of moisturizing or is it something bigger?!?!?!


HI GIRLE FANS!!!! This is Carrie Caballo with EG news. Guess what?!??! Rose and Aridessa  are having a big four day slumber party! They've invited all of the Girle's but sadly Brenton, Cerise and Carmen can't come.  The slumber party will be at rose and Aridessa's rich uncle's house! But just wait for this..........ROSE AND ARIDESSA'S UNCLE IS CHAD DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who don't know, Chad Dude Is a world famous football, baseball, soccer , basket ball and checkers player!!!!!!!!!!! We are about to have a interview with Mr. Dude now!

Carrie: How are you Mr. Dude? 

Chad: Fine, thanks!

Carrie: Great! So what are your thoughts about having some of the girle's over for that long? 

Chad:  Well, I love Rose and Aridessa, they're my favorite nieces! And I'm absolutely positive that I will be overwhelmed with girl power, but any friend of my nieces is a friend of mine! 

Carrie: I'm absolutely thrilled to hear that! And may I inquire, how big is your house?

Chad: it's 60,000,000,000 square feet with 76 floors and the grounds are 8,000,000,000 acres. 

Carrie has a look of shock on her face and gasps.

Chad: hahaha! 

Carrie: W-w-we will have pics of Mr. Dude and the girle's posted later in the week. 

Chad Dude's House:

Displaying photo.PNG


                                           THIS IS CARRIE CABELLO WITH EG NEWS. 

Today we're having a interview with Cerise. 

Carrie:   Hi Cerise! How are you today?

Cerise:    Hi I'm fine. 

Carrie:     What's wrong? THE WORLD WANTS TO KNOW!

Cerise:     I...I just have something big that I have to hide, and it's just really hard b-

because...*sigh* I just can't tell you. 

Carrie:    Really? Why not? Have you told any of the girle's?

Cerise:     I-I-I........FINE!! I've hid for to long!!

Cerise clenches her her fists and closes her eyes. 
Her legs start to twist and stick together!

Carrie:     Wha-WHAT'S HAPPENING?!??!??!!!!!

Cerise:     THE TRUTH! 

Cerise's legs start to turn scaly and turquoise! 

Carrie:    YOU-YOUR A MERMAID!!!!! I was right at the swim meet!!!! I was right at the beach!

Cerise:    But, didn't you think that I was a sea monster that was, and I quote, that was going to attack us all? 

Carrie:    NOT THE POINT!!!!! Do any of the other girle's know about this?

Cerise:     Yes. Carmen, and Breyer know. 

Carrie:     Hmmm......interesting.

Displaying photo.PNG

Hello Girle's'!

This is Carrie Caballo, here and I am super excited!!! I just saw the new 'What Would Happen After' book came out TODAY!!! WOO-HOO!! We've been waiting for such a longtime for this story. Since June!! I knew all of you were waiting for a while and I have a surprise for all you curious 'What Would Happen After' Fans. We have some exclusive sneak peeks right here on EG News. Here they are:

The first sneak peek is that we've found the title for Princess Madellynn's story (daughter of Belle). It is called 'A Fork in the Road'.  Here is a description of the story as written in an email to Molly. 

Madellynn-Daughter of Belle- A Fork in the Road--Madellynn's story is where she is stolen by Gaston. Gaston is married and has 2 boys now. Madellynn dreams of being free, basically. One day, Madellynn was sent to the palace (by Gaston) to distract the king and queen (Belle and the Beast), so that way Gaston could go and steal the crown. Madellynn found out that her parents were the king and queen, but Gaston had already stolen the king's scepter and crown. Belle saw Gaston was behind this and immediately called the guards. Gaston threw the scepter at Madellynn and she had to decide between her parents or her fake parent. She chose Gaston because she was disappointed with her parents because they wouldn't come look for her when she was stolen.  Gaston ruled over Belle, Beast, and Madellyn. He would only let them go if Belle would marry him. Until...Madellynn found a loophole. She'll be done soon, hopefully. My goal is to get it done before Halloween. So, I'll be working on it a lot this weekend.​

Bellise says, "I would like to get it done next weekend,". Is that an official date??

Also, the Girle's' have just decided on a story for Sophia (Daughter of Rapunzel). She would like to get that done the following weekend. Interesting?!

They still don't have many ideas for the other Girls. We also know that Molly is happily writing the stories for Princess Molly (daughter of Merida), Auqaline (Daughter of Ariel), and Ebony (Daughter of Snow White).

The Girle's' also want to release a 'Did You Know?' for 'What Would Happen After'.

What do  you think? Comment below and tell us!

Well, toodles!!

-Carrie Caballo- 9:27- 9-14-14


Posted by: Carrie Caballo

Cerise Wolf.   The Big Bad Wolf. A Regular Wolf. They're all wolves.

Hello everyone!

This is Carrie Caballo reporting live from the EG studio. So, next week is Halloween and all the Girle's' are getting their costume on. This week we discovered something crazy about our "Crafts with Molly" host, Molly. She's...she's...she's.....related to Little Dead Riding Hood! That means she can turn into a wolf just like Merida's daughter. So in the studio we have a mermaid and Little Dead Riding Hood's daughter, Little Dead Riding Wolf. Now how do we know it's really her? Well, first we have pictures. Second, we have a story to tell.

So, I was walking back into the EG studio because I forgot my keys and there stood a dark shadow. I got really scared. The figure started to growl and I turned the lights on and took my camera out and took pictures of the creature. It was Molly! Wow! She looked different. Here are the pictures we got of Little Dead Riding Hood's daughter.


Bellise's best friend is a wolf or the daughter of Little Dead Riding Hood! I wonder if Bellise is secretly something.

How did she turn into a wolf?

Well on that night, it was a full moon! October 8, 2014 was the night! 

We hope you enjoyed this post!

More to come from EG News.


Carrie Caballo and Bellise Marianna

Frozen 2 in the Making!

Hi Girle's'!!

Today we have super exciting news! Disney is releasing a...Frozen 2! I am super excited! I wonder what's going to happen. Also, in Spring 2015, Disney will be releasing a Frozen Fever. It's kind of like Tangled Ever After (except it's about Anna's birthday party.) Disney is also going to put on a musical for Frozen. Exciting!

Do any of you Girle's' have any ideas about the Frozen sequel? What do you think will happen? Will there be a secret relationship between Elsa and Hans? That would be interesting!

We hope you enjoyed!

Can't wait to see the Frozen sequel? Tell us in the comment section. :)


EG News/ Carrie Caballo/ Bellise/ EG


Posted~ 11-29-14...8:13 AM

Hello Girle's'!

This Carrie Caballo live from the EG Studio.

We have some WWHA things to talk about. So, yesterday, EG released the new series for Princess Belle's daughter. It's called "A Fork in the Road". It looks like Madellynn isn't as popular as the two top stories, "The Break of Dawn"  and "Brooklynn and the Last Unicorn". Pretty, crazy. Every Girle' thought for sure that Madellynn was going to top all of the girls. Princess Kiera was another who didn't make the top charts. Molly and Bellise are talking about making an episode series for the MOST popular WWHA character. The mos popular WWHA character will also get a sequel. They already have some ideas for Isabella, "The Break of Dawn."

So, if you have any ideas for WWHA sequels or any thoughts at all for WWHA, please comment in the comment section.

Thank you so much, Girle's', for your love for WWHA!


Carrie Caballo

Hi Girle's'!

Today, the two besties, Breyer and Brekin, were playing on their street when this girl came by. She had brown hair, side bangs, freckles, and blue eyes. Her name was Taylor (like Taylor Fleetman). Breyer and Brekin were so curious about her. Apparently, she spoke french and loves to bake! Taylor was going to audition to be one of the main Girle's'! Exciting!! So, watch and wait this March/April/May for a new Girle'! Congratulations to her.

This is Carrie Caballo signing out of EG News!

Hello, Girle's'!!!

This is Carrie Caballo with news. Are the owners still making WWHA? Yes. Yes, they are. In fact, new is that when they finish the What Would Happen After series, they will be releasing a villain series called "What Would Happen After: Wicked Series".  They are hoping to release it on October 1st. It's pretty wicked! They're making daughters of villains!!! So, exciting. After that, they will be making a modern version of these girls and they will join the daughters of the villains and they daughters of the Disney Princesses together into one epic story!!

Some characters you'll see in this story:

Daughter of Maleficent
Daughter of the Evil Queen
Daughter of Ursula
Daughter of Jafar
     .....More interesting characters.....

This is Carrie Caballo signing off EG News!




  1. Join us during our next quiz: Can you guess Cerise's secret? That poll will be out in 3 days! What do you think Miss Cerise is? A bird, a shark? A really bad moisturizer? Who knows!? You can help us discover her secret here on EG News by commenting or you can vote for the most "accurate" answer on June 8th, 2014 (6/8/14) Thank you so much for reading EG news! More news about Cerise and the Girle's' is coming soon! Remember to comment and VOTE JUNE 8, 2014!!!!!

    Good luck understanding!




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