What to Do with Summer Boredom!

Ok, we are all excited for Summer vacation. Freedom from school! No classes, just fun. But, sometimes, you will get back from camp or Hawaii and nothing will be going on! Well, lucky for you, we are here to solve your Summer blues. Summer feels like it should be a time for fun, but sometimes,  we are stuck laying around on the couch watching "Full House" all day. So we have created a list to solve your Summer boredom.

1. Go geocaching with your friends!
2. Play with a pet (they will adore you for that)
3. Attempt to hand sew something (learn from +MyFroggyStuff) or sew something with a machine.
4. Make some water balloons and have a water balloon fight with friends, family, and neighbors.
5. Go surfing! Or if you don't have a surfboard, go body boarding or boogie boarding.
6. Go to the pool and swim (if you have your own mermaid fin, use those!) (or find some fun pool games)
7. Invite a friend over and have sleepover (or just have them over for a couple hours)
8. Make Harry Potter wands!
9. Read a book (challenge yourself and try to finish the book in one day!)
10. Have a watermelon eating contest.
11. Go to a carnival!
12. Go to the beach!
13. Rent a fire pit at the beach and roast marshmallows. Tell stories by the fire!
14. Have a campout in your backyard!
15. Make a movie! Use American Girl dolls or use friends or family members. Want to add a song? Use Video Star. Want cool effects? Use Video FX.
16. Go to a water park (a few in the OC, Knott's Splash City or Aquatica)
17. Go to SeaWorld, Legoland, Knott's, or Disneyland!
18. Learn how to play the cup song.
19. Learn how to play an instrument.
20. Write a song!
21. Write a children's book or novel!
22. Play with siblings.
23. Take a nap.
24. Make a website/blog on +Wix.com or +Blogger or +WordPress
25. Make up  a dance to your favorite song!
26. Start a mini business, ex. Bake Sale, Lemonade Stand, or something else. Use your imagination!
27. Learn how to do different hair styles on your hair.
28. If you are allowed to use makeup, try some new makeup styles.
29. Go camping in a campsite or in your backyard!
30. Just hang out on Every Girle'!

There you go! Summer boredom solved!




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