6 Best Camping Hacks...Like Ever

Hey, Girls!

You guys going camping soon? Well make sure before you go, you share with your family these awesome camp hacks. Let's go!

1. A Tic Tac box makes a perfect tackle box. Or we can call it a tic 'tac'kle box. ;)

2.  Adding sage to your campfire or pit keeps away bugs, especially mosquitoes.

3. Forget the graham crackers? Here's a great s'mores hack:
Here's an awesome s'mores hack your kids will love:

4.  Stovetop popcorn (like Jiffy Popcorn) can be made over a campfire.

5. Make eggs and bacon over a campfire:

6. Carry your seasonings in a straw!
Carry your seasonings in straws.




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