It's Funny to Think About This . . .

Oh my gosh! It's been forever since I posted! I am so sorry, girls! I am currently writing a book and am trying to put my focus and effort into. My goal is to get it published within the next year or so.

So, I was thinking about this a few days ago. Life has seriously changed since I was younger. Back in the day of 2002/3/4/5/6/7 and so on, kids didn't have phones. Now, I see like five years old walking around with the new iPhone 6s and I still don't have one. Now, I am going to break down to you how a kid's life has changed throughout the years. Take a look!

My kid days:
*You played with toys, played with your friends, had sleepovers
*You drank milkshakes or OJ
*The way you would talk to your friends would be to actually go to their house and have a physical convo
*You listened to Disney songs
*You watched the Disney Junior

Kids Now-a-days:
*Kids text each other to have a conversation
*I mean, sleepovers haven't changed. I don't think at least.
*Kids drink Starbucks frappucinos, yes I have seen this before!
*Kids have all the updated devices, like the iPhone 6s and iPad (whatever the number is)
*Kids have computers
*Kids text each other rather than actually talking to each other (yes, I have seen a five-year-old with her big, huge phone. It's comical)
*Kids cannot live without their technology
*Kids actually know songs like Nae-Nae or stuff like that (I don't even know that song too well)
*Kids watch shows like Full House (not that Full House is bad, but I mean for kids in age range of 4-7 could be watching like Disney Channel or Disney Junior. Or no TV at all!)

It's a crazy world out there and it changes every single second. It's get a little bigger and we start to grow with knowledge. I can't even image what the kids in like 2088 will be like. Ahahaha, that's funny to think about. Think about and let me know in the comments!

Also, here is a little bit about my book.
I recommend kids 13+ for the book, there are quite a bit of deaths that are quite scary. It's the 1900s, this what you can expect.

It's about a girl named Emileen Grey who's father died of Scarelet Fever, her best friend, Liam, left for America, and her mother died in a fire. When the doctors' discover that her father died of Scarlet Fever, she decides she wants to become a doctor to save other people from the horrors she went through as a child. She goes to London with her Aunt Maggie.

But, along the way she has some difficult struggles like not becoming a doctor because she is a girl, becoming paralyzed, and her meeting up again with her best friend, Liam. She will have to pick between her two loves, Ethan & Liam. What will happen?

It is called 'Remember my Name' and you can get it when it comes to an eBook store. I don't know when exactly, but I will keep you guys updated.

Have the best day of your life!




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