Boys...Only...Want...Love...If...It's...Torture--No, Joke....AND MORE!

Hey, Girle's'!

So, I've been having some boy troubles lately. This guy I like just being stinky. He avoids me, stares, and doesn't talk to me, but talks to every other girl in  school, pretty much. My friends and I know he likes me, AWESOME, but he's a bit stinky sometimes. Any advice for me, just comment below. :)


Well, besides, that, I've been on YEARBOOK STAFF! WOO-HOO!!! It's the most fun job ever. I'm on the Shining Stars page which is truly awesome to be on. I get to like interview a ton of people about their talents. Unfortunately, my partner was supposed to help me, but totally flaked out of doing the work. So, the teacher told me to credit myself, but there's going to be a bit of friction between me and her. Yikes!

Shining Stars Page:
The page for all the talented people; singers, baseball players, etc.

If you've got any advice, just comment below! It would truly be awesome.




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