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Help our little puppy get more fans then ever.

 So, to get Every Girle's Signature Puppy famous, we need to create some things you may want to know about him.   Here they are:

                                      Name: Fellini

                   Age: 18 weeks- 4 months
                      Breed: Goldendoodle

                      Man or lady: Man

                     Nicknames: Mr. Woof, Jr. Hans, Little Man, Fellini Wahini, Hot man, Furball.

                   Favorite thing to do: Play with his owners, sleep on a stair step with his paws hanging off, sit on one of my little sister's tiny chairs and wait for everyone to come down in the morning.


                        Fellini's Attack Look:

          When Fellini plays a game of 'Fellini Tag', he has a special attack look. He pretends like he is lying down and resting and when you get close to him, he zips off.


                         What is he named after:

               Fellini has a special name. It's by my little sister.

               So, when we were in Italy, we ate kind of pasta (Butterfly pasta or Farfalle in Italian.)  My little sister started to call it Fellini. It was originally Farfalle but, she changed it to Fellini.

       We also found out that there was this Italian director named Federico Fellini. ( This was after we found him.) 

         He is also named after a pizza place. It's called Fellini's Pizza.

      He is also named after Fellini's South European Bistro. Sadly, it closed down.


               Why Jr. Hans as a Nickname?

          Everyone knows that Prince Hans is my favorite, right?! Well, whenever my sister and I play Anna and Elsa, Price Hans always has a talking dog ( Hans is Anna's not evil boyfriend in the game.)  The dog has a British accent. It's adorable!


                      Fellini's Top Quote:


“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”  


                    Favorite             Book:

                      Fellini on Fellini

I want to show you my naughty and best friend in the whole world! Here are some pictures:

Displaying IMG_20140305_065921.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_104957.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_104952.jpg

You know how dogs show their teeth when they're mad at you? Well, Fellini doesn't do that. He smiles when he's on his back.

Displaying IMG_20140305_104859.jpg
Displaying IMG_20140305_104853.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_104835.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_104829.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_104824.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_104759.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_104759.jpg
Displaying IMG_20140305_104752.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_070149.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_065957-1.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_065957.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_063406.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_065941-1.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_065921-1.jpg

Treat your pet like he's your best friend. That's how I treat Fellini.

Displaying IMG_20140305_111105.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_111057.jpg Watch Fellini do the cutest thing! :-)

So, this morning, Fellini woke up and decided to be naughty. What did he do you ask? Well, this is why puppies are trouble.

Well first, he found paint for the first time and decided to get paint all over himself and on our floor (thank  goodness it's washable.) Then he ripped my mom's chair. Yikes! He was toast, literally. :-)

This is what happens when puppies find paint. Green paint.

Displaying IMG_20140304_161905.jpg
Displaying IMG_20140305_063406.jpgDisplaying IMG_20140305_063318.jpg

Haha!! Luckily, he's getting a bath!!

Fellini has some more pictures to show everyone. These AWESOME pictures were taken by my 8 year old sister! Pretty awesome for an 8 year old!! :-)

Displaying IMG_20140304_144138.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140304_161900.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140304_144123.jpg

Displaying IMG_20140304_143942.jpg
Displaying IMG_20140304_144130.jpg

;-) He's so cute!!!

Here is a baby video of Fellini:



  1. Isn't Fellini super cute?!? He's really good friends with my dogs too!!!!!



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