The Winning Scarecrow

Hi Girle's'!

So last weekend my family and I made a scarecrow. For what, you ask? The scarecrow decorating contest! That's right. We made a scarecrow and not just any scarecrow. An Elsa scarecrow! We did it in 24 hours. Literally. My mom was up all night finishing it. It was crazy! The next morning, we brought the scarecrow to the contest but had no idea it was going to be a REALLY lucky day.

We set up in our spot and walked around for a little bit. We went to this spot called "Handmade Crafts" where all these people brought there business there and sold their stuff. We went to this one place called "Grandma's Trunk".  They sold American Girl doll clothes. FROZEN DOLL CLOTHES!!! I fell in love instantly with all their items. Turns out, they were holding a contest for a raffle to win Elsa's Snow Queen dress. My whole family entered and we couldn't wait to see who she chose.

Later that day, my dad and I entered a corn hole tossing tournament (you throw the bean bag in the hole.) I was really scared because I wasn't that good. So, we entered and practiced and practiced and practiced. Until, it was the tournament time. We made it in second place! What second place mean? Baskin Robbins and Cinnamon Productions gift cards! Yay! The day already felt a little lucky.

My family and I went to see our scarecrow and guess what we saw? Little girls taking pictures with it. It was so cute! We were up against a Girl Scouts scarecrow and a Traditional scarecrow. I was really scared because of course Girl Scouts is going to win because they have a whole bunch of family and friends voting for them.

Also, that day, we met the girl who was backstage with me at the National Anthem! I was so excited to see her. She was the one who told everyone that there was an Elsa scarecrow. She did onstage! It was so exciting to here "Elsa scarecrow" through a microphone.

It was 4:15. It was the time we'd been waiting for. They were going to judge the scarecrows. I was so nervous.

In 3rd place was: Girl Scouts

In 2nd place was: The Traditional Scarecrow

That meant....Elsa won 1st place!

That meant a Home Depot gift card, a trophy, and our scarecrow in the Christmas magazine! I loved doing the happy dance in front of the Girl Scouts.

Finally, it was time to head home. It had been a really good day. It couldn't get any better than this.

So, I went to check my email just to see what Molly had said. In my email there was a titled "Congratulations, You Won the Elsa Dress Raffle!" I was so excited I lost my mind.

In the end, we had a pretty great day! So, next year we're totally entering again! Ooooopppsss.....I almost forgot to show you guys the photos of our scarecrow. Take a look!

The Beginning

 The Winner!

We hope you enjoyed!


Bellise and EG



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