My Best Friend's Little Dead Riding Wolf! Wait...What? ~Carrie Caballo

Cerise Wolf.   The Big Bad Wolf. A Regular Wolf. They're all wolves.

Hello everyone!

This is Carrie Caballo reporting live from the EG studio. So, next week is Halloween and all the Girle's' are getting their costume on. This week we discovered something crazy about our "Crafts with Molly" host, Molly. She's...she's...she's.....related to Little Dead Riding Hood! That means she can turn into a wolf just like Merida's daughter. So in the studio we have a mermaid and Little Dead Riding Hood's daughter, Little Dead Riding Wolf. Now how do we know it's really her? Well, first we have pictures. Second, we have a story to tell.

So, I was walking back into the EG studio because I forgot my keys and there stood a dark shadow. I got really scared. The figure started to growl and I turned the lights on and took my camera out and took pictures of the creature. It was Molly! Wow! She looked different. Here are the pictures we got of Little Dead Riding Hood's daughter.


Bellise's best friend is a wolf or the daughter of Little Dead Riding Hood! I wonder if Bellise is secretly something.

How did she turn into a wolf?

Well on that night, it was a full moon! October 8, 2014 was the night! 

We hope you enjoyed this post!

More to come from EG News.


Carrie Caballo and Bellise Marianna



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