Halloween 2014 Part# 2

Hi Girle's'!

Part 2 of the Halloween collection is here! Check it out!!

Brekin: Princess

Brenton: Witch

Taylor Fleetman: Cowgirl

Breyer: Princess Jasmine

Anna(lise): Elsa and her sister, Kiera: Anna

Rose: Unicorn

Aridessa: Alien

Carmen: Rock star

Cerise: Mermaid

Mia: Werewolf

Finally, it's here!! We've been waiting for the pictures to come in and they did!! Yay!!

Bellise: Elsa (like Annalise)

Sienna (Animal photographer): Anna (like Kiera)

Molly (artisan): Little Dead Riding Wolf (kind of like Mia)

We hope you enjoyed the 2014 Halloween collection! We put a lot of time into them and are super excited to share them with you. :P

Happy Halloween!!!!





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