Everyday Myths That Are Not True And Make Me Laugh....LOL.

We've all those myths that we believe. Some us still believe some of these. Check them out!

1. If you swallow your gum, it will stay in your intestines for seven years. 
uhhhh, no. Your stomach has evolved a lot and is used for nothing other than digesting. Gum isn't super healthy to swallow, I am not saying go get a piece of gum and swallow it, be careful of course. It's not the worst thing in the world.

2. Carrots help you see farther.
I hate facing this fact. I always used to think that someday I'd eat so many carrots, I could see all the way to Agrabah. But, unfortunately nope. This was a propaganda made up by the British in WWII to say that their soldiers had the best vision because they ate their carrots. Lucky for our generation, we here to set people straight and to tell them that, no, carrots do not help you see farther. No, you will be able to see Agrabah from your house.

3. Touching a toad will prevent warts.
It's funny how wrong this is. You don't see people bending down to pet a toad everyday because, well, they're gross looking things. Kids were told it was oil on their skin that gave them their warts, but time for me to set you straight. That is the frog's skin. Warts only come from human viruses.

4. If you eat before you swim, you will get a cramp and die.
Wow. I wonder what was going through this person's head when they decided to tell their child this. Way to haunt a child for life and give them a forever fear of swimming. So, if you have the phobia I just named, get your bathing suit on because that myth is NOT true. AT ALL. Digestion and cramps are no where near being related. If you decide, "Hey! I'm going to eat this entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself and then go to the gym," you should A be concerned and B know that that has some correlation with getting queasy. So, go eat and go swimming right after!

5. Sugar makes sugar hyperactive.
My life is a lie! I honestly thought this one was for sure true. So all those times I got so hyper after eating sugar, was that all in my head? I guess so, because the bloodstream delivers sugar to the muscles and internal organs, but then store the rest for later. So, we're just hyper because we're kids. YAS.

6. If you shave your legs, the hair will grow back thicker.
I KNEW IT! Actually, I didn't. Girls are often told this when they begin shaving their legs, but now that I think about, it really doesn't make too much sense. Although, shaving can stimulate hair where you didn't have it before. So, be careful where you shave. You do not want a unibrow.

7. Drinking too much caffeine will stunt your growth.
Okay, you shouldn't even be drinking caffeine anywhere near the age of 11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18. Although, you shouldn't drink too much of anything, caffeine does not affect your growth at all. "Apparently", HGH, Human Growth Hormone, is released while you sleep, which is the process that caffeine uses. Scientists have actually not found any evidence stating this. 

8. Eating Chocolate Gives You Acne
I KNEW IT! No, seriously, I really did know this one! My dad has told me so many times I have acne because of chocolate and that he had a dermatologist friend that told him this. Well, take that Italian dermatologists! It is absolutely not true. Acne is a natural process during growing caused by hormones and oil. Irritation builds and becomes read and boom! You have a zit! No chocolate involved.

9. Cracking your knuckles too much will give you arthritis. 
This one was actually told to me by a kindergarten teacher. I really did believe it. And thank goodness it's not true. I love cracking my knuckles. It feels good. People think that the loud crack is the grinding of the two bones. But, no, it is just air between the bones. Although, don't start cracking your knuckles just yet. It can lead to other problems; like flexibility issues and damage.

10. Getting your hair wet and then going out in the cold can give you a cold.
This misconception was obviously caused by a parent concerned for their child's health. The weather dries out nasal passages, which makes you have a higher chance at getting a little cold. But, colds are mostly caused by those dumb-dumbs that come to school sick because they are "well."

11. Watching TV will ruin your eyesight.
TV isn't the best thing for you, but it certainly doesn't ruin your eyesight. Staring at a screen for hours on end without moving can cause eyestrain, but certainly does not corrupt your eye sight. It can cause headaches and fatigues, so I wouldn't recommend doing it. 

Hope we cleared up some myths for you!




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