Some Helpful Tips! :)

           Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. This week has been quite a tuffy! I've been getting ready for school and my mom's b-day! :) So, for school, i am getting a really cute horse back pack. I am getting a Rapunzel thermos. I am also getting a red  lunchbox.

        Are you guys ready for school yet? I am not. It feels like summer flew by. I am also worried about bullies. I am going into 6th grade and the kids there can be kind of mean. At least, that's what I've heard. If there are meanies, I am going to use some tips. I will give you them right now!

  • If they are like making fun of my hair or clothes or my nose or something I will say, " Really, I don't see that? ," 
  • I am also going to stand up for myself.
  • If I am bullied, I am always going to stick with my friends and tell an adult. For more bullying tips, watch this american girl mini film that helps give you tips.


Hope this helps!




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