You Just Got Replaced From a Job You Had; Here's What You Do Now

It is the most upsetting thing to get 'replaced' from a job that you put your effort into. 

This recently just happened to me, and it was frustrating. You guys want to know why I was fired? Raising my rates babysitting rates from $5.00 an hour to $10.00 an hour. What the heck?! It's annoying as heck, but seriously, just move on. 

Here are some ways to get over being fired from a side job thing. ;)

1. Find a new job. 
We are all going to get replaced in life. It just happens. But, sometimes, getting fired can be a blessing! Now you have the freedom to do something worthwhile, like painting, singing, acting! You have free time. After all, life's too short to waste your time.

2. Know that everything happens for a reason.
Seriously, it does. If you weren't meant to stay put in that same job, then the world has better stuff to offer for you. 

3. Assess if the job was something worth your while.
Sometimes, we realize that just wasted our time. So, assess if that job was something you really enjoyed. If you did, go find another job in the same category! If you liked babysitting, go find another family to babysit. The world is filled with endless possibilities. 

4. Don't be rude to the person who fired you.
Really, just don't. You have to be above that. Clearly if they replaced you, then they had a legitimate reason. Unless they didn't, then that just sucks. But, still, even if they didn't have a true reason as to replacing you, be nice to them. Take the high road. You will be well-respected.

5. Ask a parent for advice.
If you still need advice, ask a parent or adult. They will help you out. Or ask us! Send us a message at and we will respond asap to you. 




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