I loved It!

The concert was AMAZING! I was screaming like crazy through the whole thing. So, let me tell you something amazing. So, my mom has a friend. He was the one who got me tickets. Anyway, he was backstage with Taylor Swift and he told Tay. we were up in the suite. So, Taylor said this," So, if your up in the back and you really wanted tickets and you found out you were going and you memorized all my songs and made me some super cool banners. Then thank you! "  He texted my mom saying, " That was a surprise special for you from Taylor Swift."

I screamed so loud my voice is soar. Girls were staring at me, too.

My favorite performance was I Knew you were Trouble.


Here is the speech Taylor wrote for me!!

Uploaded by Imini09

I love Taylor and I hope I can see her concert for her next album.




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