You'll go WOO, WOO, WOO for the New Historical Girls

September brings many new things for Every Girle'. For example, like the new historical girls collection. These girle's are all very different. Let me introduce you to them.

1701- Kalista Stones

Age: 10
Birthday: September 10th, 1691
Pet: Tune', the Appaloosa- Horse
From: The Dakota Tribe
Favorite activity: Sewing
Dream: She wants to become an expert at making dream catchers.
Height: 4' 11"
She is Native American

1775-  Clarisse Simmons

Age: 10
Birthday: October 8th, 1765
Pet: Horse, Love, the Palomino
From: Williamsburg, Virginia
Favorite Activities: Dancing, Singing,Writing, and Riding Horses
Dream: She wants to become the best horseback rider, singer, and dancer in her village.
Height: 5' 2"

1789- Rene' Renolds

Age: 13

Birthday: November 4th, 1779
Pet:  Cassandra, the kitty
From: Paris, France
Favorite Activity: She loves helping her dad prepare for the French Revolution
What she did: She went out to war. Her dad was badly injured.
Her Dream: She wants to become a military officer.
Height: 5'6"

1863- Adana Smith

Birthday: December 9th, 1853
Age: 10
From: Kenya
Lives: South Carolina
Favorite Activity: Writing Poems
Dream: She wants to send her wonderful poems to the Civil War troops.
Height: 5' 0"

1888- Abigail Barnes

Birthday: January 15th, 1878
Age: 10
From: North Carolina
Favorite Activity: Singing
Dream: To become a famous singer
Height: 5'4"
Pet: Dorothy, the Appaloosa horse
From: California

 1898-Claire Linthrope

Birthday: February 20th, 1888
Favorite Activities: Dancing
Height: 5'1''
Pet: Cat, Fluffy
Dream: To become an amazing dancer
From: New York

1929-Audrey Adams

Age: 11
Birthday: March 1st, 1918
Favorite Activities: Acting
Dream: Audrey wants to become a famous actress
Height: 5' 4''
Pet: Sprint, the cat
From: England

1940- Nicki Prestcott

Age: 10
Birthday: August 6th, 1930
Favorite Activity: Practicing her gymnastics
Dream: Wants to become a famous gymnast and volleyball player
5' 3''
From: Italy

1950- Melan Juan

Age: 10
Favorite Activity: Sculpting
Dream: She wants to be famous for making amazing sculptures.
4' 9''
From: China

1979: Danbre Springate

Age: 10
Birthday: May 9th, 1969
Favorite Activity: Drawing
Dream: Becoming a famous artist
From: Colorado

1999- Tay Fullertone

Pet: Silhouette, The Black Clydesdale Horse
Age: 10
Birthday: December 14th, 1989
Favorite Activity: Horseback Riding
Dream: Is to become a famous Horseback Rider
Height: 5' 5''
From: Pennsylvania

Pictures are coming soon.


Hope you like the new historical girls.

We sometimes release new girls everyday. Watch and wait for new ones.



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