Burning Red !

This must be like Karma or something. Already 3 burning Red days! I will tell you why it was so burning red!

Afternoon: I went on a bike ride with my zia and zio today. It was an awesome ride! So then we went into town to get Ice Cream and last year I went to Italian school and there was these boys who REALLY liked me to the point where they came and gave me love notes. EWWWWWWW!!!!!! Their names were Eliah ( Like Merliah , kind of.) and Matteo Mattiello. Yuck!They liked me so much that they came over to my house and took a video of me.

Anyway, I saw their friend in town today and I passed by them on my bike and he started to yell ", SHE IS HERE! SHE IS HERE!".I just ignored him. He was on the phone with those burning red boys! He even tried taking a photo of me but, my uncle told them no.My uncle called this gossip because at my school I was the most popular because I was american. So, I am pretty popular in this town.

   I am scared and happy. I am happy because I feel cool like Taylor Swift cool when I am popular and it is a totally different feeling then what I am used to.  I am afraid those boys are going to come over and take more videos of me ! Sometimes I feel like hiding  under my bed for ten years ! I would also take a mustache , some guy cloths and walk in town looking like tiny guy!  But, I am not going to do that because it is called running away from your fears.And I want to face my fears. But if you run away from your fears they will ust get bigger and you will fear them even more !

                OMG! That was the most awful Burning Red moment ever!

If you have a burning red moment as bad as mine contact us at Everygirle@gmail.com. You might see your terrible moment on Every Girle'! I think that burning red moment just got better!




  1. I don't like these boys because they are trouble, trouble,trouble!


  2. bellise you need to proff read your things cuz you put some stuff that is not speld rite the frist one is ust and i can't find it
    when i do i will tell you


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