Helpful Tips!

Tip #1 :    What is popularity? Is it clothes , shoes, hair. You may seem to think that but, it is not. If there is a girl at school who says she's popular because she has 1 million dollars and designer clothes then she is wrong. If you really want to be the most popular girl in school you would need to be nice to everyone in class and just be yourself.  Don't act like someone your not like. It would be wrong if I acted like Taylor Swift. That doesn't get us anywhere.

Tip #2:  If there is someone in your class and she is popular what would you see on her?  Zillion dollar clothes is what you would see. Don't be like that. Not everyone has clothes like that. If you started to become popular and then you started to wear clothes like popular kids, I think that you will loose fans. If you wear the clothes you had before your fan club will grow. All your fans want to see you be you.

So if you want to be popular use these tips. Tell your friends about Every Girle' tips.





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