The Tallest Grass

                   I wrote this story below today! Hope you enjoy!

                              In a small valley in Califor-nia,
There lived a tall piece of grass taller then then his friend named Mia ,
                            This grass hated himself,
                He was so tall he could reach the shelf,
                 His neighbors teased him all day ,
           Sometimes he wouldn't come outside and play,

                            Along one day came a woman who was wise,
                             She didn't even care about his own size,
                           This woman was his mother,
                          Who had just come back from her brothers's,
                           She said ", You shouldn't be sad."
                         She repeated",You shouldn't be mad."
                          " Why??," he asked.
                      "Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.That is what makes you, you. So don't cry," She said. " Your dad is round . I am short. I am so small I can grow the biggest warts!" She said. "You should be prod of who you are! You are so tall you can drive a mustang for a car. I bet they can't even reach the stirring wheel or their own lunch meal. So go out there and tell them you are proud of who you are. Also, tell them you can drive a mustang as a car." She said. 

           From that day on he was proud. He even had a party with neighbor who was loud .

               So if are having a problem with your size or shape, be proud and that is who you are . As she said you could drive a mustang for a car. Who knows maybe  the tall grass's mother will pay you a visit. She will tell you all about your size and shape.

This story is to teach girle's that your size and shape does not matter. That is what forms the beautiful self that you are called you !




  1. That is a cool story everygirle but why did you pick grass .But I think it is cool that you are saying every one should be proud of how you are

  2. Hi Jessa!

    I am going to answer your question!

    Well, nobody does grass. I thought of using something different than like a tall girl or an animal. Another reason is that, grass can grow to be really tall if you don't cut it. So, this piece of grass was never cut and he grew and grew and grew. And because of that, the other grass people thought he was different from everyone else. They thought that was weird. That piece of grass got sad until his mom came along and told him not to be sad. Later on, he was happy with his size.

    I like the message of the story ,too. Girls sometime struggle with this problem. So, I wanted to come up with a solution. This story was my solution.



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