Burning Red!

              WOW! For me there have already been two burning red days. Yesterday and today. But, I am talking about today.

Morning :  Same old thing I was in a pretty decent mood. Anyway , my sister and I started to draw these fairies (called the Winx ) . So then we got into a fight about turns. Haven't we all had that before? So I went out into the garden and told my mom about it and she said we should take a break. She said no more drawing ! WHAT! NO DRAWING! That is crazy . How could I survive without drawing ? When you take away drawing, it is like taking away breathing or living . So you see I love art.

Afternoon : Today I started my swim lessons. They were fun but, they had some burning red moments. The first time this little boy in front of me kicked me. He was doing " leg exercises". Like we haven't heard that before. He is probably friends with the little boy who kicked my seat. They probally took karate. HAI YAH !

                Then I  decided to do a drop under water . And so did the little boy. I was under there for a couple seconds. Then after those seconds all I could see was a big butt heading towards my face. EWWW! Luckily, he didn't fart. I would have literally drowned if he did.

            When I was under water, I started to get hungry. I really wanted a sandwich but, there was no sandwich in sight. Actually I saw one sandwich. It was called the little boys butt sandwiched in my face. That  was the one in sight.

The rest of the time I got karate chopped with legs.

If you have a Burning Red moment as bad as mine contact us at Everygirle@gmail.com. You might see that terrible moment on Every Girle'. Maybe that terrible moment just got better.





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