Things You Need to do Before the Summer is Up

There are some awesome things that happen during the summer. Take a look at our list:

1.  Get up early and watch the sun rise.
2. Watch the sun set.
3. Take a nature hike near your house.
4.  Check out your town calendar.
5. Go to the library
6. Take a book and read it at a park or on your nature hike, stop, find a bench, and read.
7.  Get involved in some community sports
8. Teach yourself how to juggle.
9.  Meet your neighbors
10. Go out and take some photos of the nature around you during your hike.
11.  Visit a zoo!
12. Take your yoga mat with your family out to a park and do yoga
13. Or do yoga under the stars!
14. Swim at a pool at night
15. Go geocaching
16. Start a natural collection or an observation notebook.
17. Learn a foreign language
18. Volunteer somewhere!
19. Play in the sprinklers.
20. Have a water balloon fight.
21. Try to meditate.
22. Blow bubbles
23. Start a book club - or join one!
24. Play frisbee at a park
25. Attend a free community class
26. Go on a bike ride!
27. Or take friend with you!
28. Write a silly song with your friends
29.  Make a movie with your friends!
30. Get on Every Girle' everyday at 10:00 a.m for new blog posts!




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