Bangs You Should Be Wearing | Meet the Bang

These bangs are super cute! Why you aren't wearing them right now, I don't know...Check them out!

all images by Candace Napier

1. 70's bangs | Ya, super cute! These are super classy back to the 70's bangs. 

2. V-cut bangs | Exactly how they sound.V-cut bangs!

3. Asymmetrical Bangs  | Really cute look, if I may say.

4. Micro Bangs  | uhhh...maybe they are in style, but not for me. Thanks.

5. Mod Bangs  | OMG fabulous! Super cute middle bangs!

6. Shaggy Bangs  | Another REALLY cute look!

7. Side-swept bangs  | I think these are by far my favorite. They are super stylish. This is my next haircut.




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