I'm Off to Camp!

Hey, Girls!

I'm off to camp! Don't worry though.  Here's why:

I have scheduled a ton of posts for you guys to view over my two week disappearance. Here's the scoop on my camp.

So I'm going to a camp called 'Riverway Ranch' with my best friend who is visiting from China. I'm so excited because I haven't seen her in like forever. We're going to be staying at camp this year for two weeks, from the 3rd-16th. So, after the sixteenth, I'm back!

Last year, we did the YMCA camp and that was just awful.

We got super sick the both of us...like so sick I felt like I was having seizures. It was scary. The counselors refused to give us medicine, but kept making us work with the horses. I was working in the barn one day and felt light headed and needed to sit. I hadn't been so sick in my life!

So, we've decided to try something else this year and it looks 10x better. Except, I am afraid to swim in the lake! I'll get over it. :)

I left at 6:45 a.m on the bus and am currently on the six hour ride up north of CA. This is going to be awesome!


you guys are awesome



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