Happy 4th of July! | Here's How to Have the Best Fourth of July Ever

Happy fourth! Here's some last minute ideas on how to make the fourth of July THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!
1. Have a water balloon fight with your family.
2. Have barbecue with your family.
3. Go to an open air concert.
4. Go to the beach.
5. Go to the pool.
6. Have a movie night with your family.
7. Do some fourth of July Stencils
8. Paint
9. Have a dance party
10. If possible, invite some friends over!
11. Or take some friends and their families to an open air concert.
12. Go to a carnival
13. Go to Disneyland!
14. Take a hike.
15. Make your own diy ice cream
16. Make some fourth of July cookies
17. Make your own 4th of July sweets!




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