Feeling Bummed About Something? Use These Tips to Stop Thinking Negatively About Anything

We all have those days when you feel like you want to lay in a ditch on the side of the freeway and dwell on whatever it is we are dwelling about. I know I've had those days a lot lately since my last crush. It just happens. Here are some ways we found from +Greatist that are pretty awesome and that I want to try soon. 


1. Snap band | So, for this one, you have to wear snap band. You know those? Ya, so you where it your wrist throughout your day. Every time you think about whatever is bringing you down, slap the bracelet on your hand to "snap" you out of it. 

2. Find positive ways to think about what happened | This one can be hard, because we just tend to focus on the negative when we're feeling bad. So, instead of thinking, "ugh, he hurt my feelings really bad,"  think to yourself, "Oh, thank goodness, he's not in my life anymore! Can you imagine how bad I would feel all the time?" Try it!

3. Talk to one of your closest friend | Most of the time, friends are so wonderful to talk to about your problems. They are great listeners. Try it!

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