Foods/Drinks You Have to Try this Summer If You Haven't Already

I love food, it's pretty good, and I am sure you do, too! So, take a look and tell us some foods you want us to try and we just might review it for you and post it on the blog!

1. Starbucks S'more's Frappucino | I mean, you have to.

2. Burger King's Mac n' cheetos | WHY AREN'T THESE IN MY MOUTH NOW?

3. Oreo Thins | questionable

4. Reese's Oreos | Oh yeah.

5. Keebler Version of Samoas | So much better and CHEAPER than the original

5. Samoa Quaker Granola Bars | SUPER GOOD

6. Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappucino | ohhhh yeahhhh.

7.  McDonald's All Day Breakfast - McMuffin | All I need. :)





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