Ten Summer Movies You Need to Watch This Summer

Here we have listed the top ten movies you HAVE to watch this Summer. So get on it! Start getting these movies now!

10.  The BFG - hmmmm....I don't know about this one.

9.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens - I actually haven't seen this one yet. I should get on that. :)

8. Alice Through the Looking Glass - looks pretty good!

7. Secret Life of Pets - OMG. I wrote a children's book just like this a couple months ago. In December.

6.  Angry Birds Movie - hmmmm...

5. Mrs. Doubtfire - I LOVE IT!

4. Finding Dory - Look interesting.

3.  Harry Potter Movie Series - Pretty good. Except, I can never remember their names. :)

2. Zootopia - SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!

1. The Hunger Games Movie Series - Catching Fire is the best one of all! But the ending on the last one made me so happy. :D

I just felt this picture was necessary.




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