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Having your first crush is so hard. You are still learning how to approach them and how be cool around them. TRUST ME, I know that feeling very well. I had my first real crush this year and man, was it difficult. I did so many stupid things. Like one. I wrote him an anonymous Valentine's note saying I thought he was cool and that it would be cool to get to know him. Nothing crazy. But, for him, it was. It was so cute! He carried it around the school trying to figure out who it was. uggh, I was so excited. Except, he figured out it was me (my class was like fifteen people) and that led to so many issues. I won't get into that.  

Anyway, I know how girls feel when they say it's hard and heart-breaking. It turned out he was a jerk in the end, but, again, I won't get into that.

So, here is what to do and what NOT to do with guys you like.

What to do:

*be yourself - guys like good honest girls they know they can trust.
*be interested  in him - ask him about himself, what does he like. 
*Don't care if he doesn't like you - If he doesn't like you for you, DON'T change yourself for him! It's his loss. You are wonderful and amazing and of course, it will hurt for a little bit, but you will get over it and someone BETTER will come along.
*Get to know them - Trust me, looks can be deceiving. You can see someone on the outside and think they are super nice, but really, they are just pretending and are really awful. I did that. I thought this guy was super nice and thought that he was just a shy guy. But, man, he treated me like dirt! He actually had someone tell me that he wasn't interested! I just got a bad taste in my mouth. Just ask him questions about himself.
*Be natural - Boys aren't aliens; they are human beings. Don't treat them like they are supernatural or whatever, that will make it quite awkward. I asked this guy once what instrument he played. When I got there, I couldn't formulate a sentence, I was sweating, and I was like bouncing when I got there. Let me tell you, super embarrassing. Just be yourself and don't care what he might think. I'm sure guys like super fun, totally normal and comfortable girls. 

What NOT to do:

*don't pretend to be anybody else but you: You are you and that is perfect!
*don't be awkward around them - that makes them feel nervous, too. Just go there and be confident. Fake it if you must. 
*don't make them uncomfortable in front of their friends - Boys in a group act stupid. This is because they want to keep their friends impressed. So, if you ask them like, "hey, want to go to the school formal with me?" or something like that, they most likely will say no in a group of boys or they will be just stupid. Trust me, I've talked to this boy one on one and it is a much different experience. Since they have no one to impress, they are so much better.
*don't stalk them - I did this one on accident, I didn't even realize I did. I mean, I didn't like look him up online or go through his Instagram posts or anything, I would just look at him A LOT in class. We actually would look at each other a lot in class and then both look away quickly. But, don't do that. Don't stare at them, because this will freak them out. One guy in my class did this to me, and it scared me. He would literally be looking at me for the longest time. It was - odd. And scary.
*don't expect them to be like you see on TV - I expected this guy to be like the ones on TV and NO. They just aren't like that. I would expect my books dropping and him picking him up. Just no. They are boys and we will appreciate them all for each lesson they teach us.

Good Conversation Starters for you:
*what is your favorite movie?
*have you seen _____________ yet?
*have you heard this new song yet?
*would you mind helping me with this one problem?
*did you watch the season finale of _______________ last night?
*did you get the chance to watch the (academy awards, the big game, etc.) last night?
*Hey, can I ask you a question about the assignment? I didn't understand some of it.
*what instrument do you play?
*what sport do you play?
*Hey, did you hear that __________________ passed away? I was so bummed. 

If you are feeling bold and courageous: - I will applaud you and you will be my favorite person if you do this one...
*hey, want to play twenty questions with me?


comment below if you did the last one!



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