A Sneak Peek to: Princess Tales || The Camping Trip Disaster!

Hi, Girls!

It's Tay and I'm sure you guys all heard about the cancellation of 'The Ballet Cinderella'. Bummer! To turn that frown upside down, I have written a story called 'Princess Tales || The Camping Trip Disaster!' You guys will love it. I promise. ;)

Now, without further adieu, I present to you a sneak peek of: Princess Tales || The Camping Trip Disaster!

“Elizabeth, run!!!” I yelled to my sister with fear. Elizabeth and I ran in the rain. We were drenched in mud. Our hair was soaked with dirt and Elizabeth was not happy. She had slipped in mud and ‘ruined’ her dress. I love Elizabeth dearly, she is like my bsflfaa (best sister for life forever and always), but when it comes to being in a crisis, you do not want to be with her. She’s a tad bit overdramatic. Okay, a lot overdramatic. Who wears a dress when you’re camping? Uh...nobody! That is literally the dumbest idea that could ever cross your mind. Unless your my sister, Princess Elizabeth.

Before I blabber on anymore about Elizabeth’s dumb choices and I completely spoil the story, let me tell you how it all started.

It was a beautiful day in the kingdom of The Northern Isles. I sat on my throne with my combat boots, green shorts, a white shirt, and a I wore high ponytail that complemented my golden, curly, thick, poofy locks of hair. My feet dangled over the left side of the throne and my back laid on the right side arm rester. I sat in the throne reading my favorite magazine, Leopardgirl. They give all the latest news on celebrities and more. Wow! That sounded like an advertisement.

Just as I flipped the page to read my favorite column ‘The TaySwifty13 Report,’ Elizabeth ran in with a magazine in her hand.

“It is finally here!! Taylor, the magazine is finally here!!!” she said as she ran to me in her big pink dress with her curly, blonde hair in a tight, big bun. Her blue eyes squealed with excitement.

“Taylor, move over,” she said pushing my legs over the arm rester into a proper position and throwing my other magazine onto the floor.

“What is it, Elizabeth? Did you find a new type of nail polish in the magazine?” I said being very sarcastic.

“No. We got a new magazine!” she said very excited.

“Uhh...you mean, you got a new magazine?” I said looking at her strangely.

“No, we. I thought you wanted to read ‘The Land of Disasters’ too?” She smiled showing me the cover. On the very front cover, there was a dinosaur with a caption underneath that said, ‘Can you survive the impossible?’

Well, can you survive the impossible? Sure you can! Read more about the impossible when Taylor's entire story comes out!





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