Princess Tales: The Camping Trip Disaster!

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Princess Tales:
 The Camping Trip Disaster

  From the diary of: Princess Taylor Allstar
            Adapted by: TaySwifty13

               Can you survive the impossible?

“Elizabeth, run!!!” I yelled to my sister with fear. Elizabeth and I ran in the rain. We were drenched in mud. Our hair was soaked with dirt and Elizabeth was not happy. She had slipped in mud and ‘ruined’ her dress. I love Elizabeth dearly, she is like my bsflfaa (best sister for life forever and always), but when it comes to being in a crisis, you do not want to be with her. She’s a tad bit overdramatic. Okay, a lot overdramatic. Who wears a dress when you’re camping? Uh...nobody! That is literally the dumbest idea that could ever cross your mind. Unless your my sister, Princess Elizabeth.

Before I blabber on anymore about Elizabeth’s dumb choices and I completely spoil the story, let me tell you how it all started.

It was a beautiful day in the kingdom of The Northern Isles. I sat on my throne with my combat boots, green shorts, a white shirt, and a I wore high ponytail that complemented my golden, curly, thick, poofy locks of hair. My feet dangled over the left side of the throne and my back laid on the right side arm rester. I sat in the throne reading my favorite magazine, Leopardgirl. They give all the latest news on celebrities and more. Wow! That sounded like an advertisement.

Just as I flipped the page to read my favorite column ‘The TaySwifty13 Report,’ Elizabeth ran in with a magazine in her hand.

“It is finally here!! Taylor, the magazine is finally here!!!” she said as she ran to me in her big pink dress with her curly, blonde hair in a tight, big bun. Her blue eyes squealed with excitement.

“Taylor, move over,” she said pushing my legs over the arm rester into a proper position and throwing my other magazine onto the floor.

“What is it, Elizabeth? Did you find a new type of nail polish in the magazine?” I said being very sarcastic.

“No. We got a new magazine!” she said very excited.

“ mean, you got a new magazine?” I said looking at her strangely.

“No, we. I thought you wanted to read ‘The Land of Disasters’ too?” She smiled showing me the cover. On the very front cover, there was a dinosaur with a caption underneath that said, ‘Can you survive the impossible?’

“Oh my gosh!! You got it! got? I thought you said you would never ever buy this magazine?”

“I did a little research on it and I read a little snip-it of their first catalogue and surprisingly, it was pretty interesting to me. Then I remembered you wanted to get it. So, it’s a win-win for everyone,” she smiled.

“Thanks! Let’s read it!!” I said enthusiastically. I was really excited to be reading this magazine. Finally! Elizabeth agreed on something with me.  

Just as I turned the page, Elizabeth screamed and jumped off the throne. I think I spoke too soon.

“Elizabeth, what happened?” I said very concerned.

“Did you see the size of that spider?” she said with a shake in her voice.

“ mean .this spider?” I said as she screamed again, “Come on! It’s just the picture from the magazine. Let’s move on,” I giggled with a twinkle in my eye.

We flipped through the pages, with Elizabeth  screaming at each and every ‘scary’ picture she saw. I just had to roll my eyes at it. Just as I was getting bored with the magazine, we flipped the page and our eyes got big (I don’t know why her eyes got big). It was Dr. Jonathan Helmenton! He is my inspiration. He is a doctor who goes into dangerous woods and new places to discover new animals and monsters. He always survives the impossible! That’s why he is in the magazine about people who can survive the impossible! He fights monsters, trolls, bears. So many things!

A little above Jonathan’s head, there were big, bold, red letters that read ‘WIN A MEET AND GREET WITH DR. JONATHAN HELMENTON!!’ What?! I’ve always wanted to meet Jonathan Helmenton! He’s so cool!

I began to read aloud to Elizabeth. I read, ‘Helmenton fans! Gather around for one of the coolest and most dangerous contests we’ve ever hosted! A scavenger hunt. Wait! Before you flip the page, let us explain. When you enter on our website, you will receive a link that has a treasure map. On Sunday, you will meet at the starting point. You have twenty-four to finish the challenge. The first one to touch the red button on top of the mountain, wins a meet and greet with everyone’s favorite doctor, Jonathan Helmenton!’

“Oh my gosh, Elizabeth! We have to enter!!! I would die to meet Jonathan Helmenton! Literally,” I said as I jumped up and down with my fluffy hair flying everywhere.

“I don’t know. Where does it take place?” Elizabeth said biting her lower lip and eventually sipping ice, cold water.

“It says ShadowMeadow Valley,” I said.

Elizabeth spit out the water (like a ‘proper’ princess) and grabbed the magazine from my hand and stared at it.

“You mean, the ShadowMeadow Valley? As in, the home of the shadow demon?” Elizabeth said with her big blue eyes panicking.

“Yes,” I said wondering what was wrong with ShadowMeadow Valley.

“No, no, no...hold up, Taylor. There is no way any of us will be heading into the deceitful meadow of misery. Especially after the accident that happened two months ago,” Elizabeth smiled shaking her head and talking with a firm voice.

“Wait...what accident?” I asked.

“A few months ago, college student Kyla Myers went camping into ShadowMeadow, before it was a highly restricted camping area. She explored beyond the valley. After a few hours of exploring, she got lost. She ended up in the cave of the Shadow Demon. As she stepped through the cave, she awoke the shadow demon with the flash of her camera. It fears camera flashes. Anyway, it had a big horn, a sparkly body, and big, pink eyes. Nobody knows what happened after,” Elizabeth said like we were in some tragic scene in a soap opera.

“That sounds like a unicorn,” I said.

“It is. A unicorn with bad intentions. Well, not bad intentions. It just doesn’t like flashes of things. Flashes of lightning. Flashes of camera. Flash dancing, possibly. It’s too bright for it’s eyes!” She said staring down at her pink, fluffy slippers.

“Please, like a unicorn could possibly kill somebody. That’s like saying a bunny or a puppy can kill you. Not possible!” I said, “Besides, what would be the harm of taking just one trip. It could be a once and a lifetime chance to meet Jonathan Helmenton.”

‘Ahhh!!! A unicorn is trying to kill us! Help! Help! Oh no! A unicorn is coming for us!’ I thought to myself. That’s what I imagined us saying as we were running from the unicorn. Anyway, back to the story.  

“I’m not interested in meeting him. You are. It’s too dangerous and as your older fourteen-year-old sister, I am going to vow to not allow you to talk me into letting you go,” Elizabeth said crossing her arms and closed her eyes.

“Oh...look! I have two Taylor Swift concert tickets. One for me and one for someone else, but who could possibly love Taylor Swift? If a certain someone will take me on the scavenger hunt, maybe she can have the ticket,” I said trying to convince her to take me on the scavenger hunt.

She stood in the center of the room for five minutes in the same position. She tried not to get convinced, but as always, she took the bait.

“Fine! I agree. You pinky swear you’ll give me the ticket if I agree,” she said as I nodded up and down as I pinky swore I would give her the ticket, “But, how are we going to convince mom and dad? They’ll never take us if we tell them where it is,” Elizabeth said worriedly.

“Well, maybe we can ask them if we can go on a royal camping trip. It is summer vacation and summer is the best time to go camping,” I smiled proud of my awesome plan.

“We can’t convince them if they know where we are going. They’re the king and queen. They’ll obviously know that that camping spot is close to where the shadow demon lives,” Elizabeth reminded me.

“Maybe we can trick them. Since we’re always driving in a limousine, we can tell the driver where we’re going and tell our parents we’re going somewhere else. We’ll drive to the camp spot that we need to meet at and we’ll camp there for the next day or so,” I said drawing out the plan in my head.

“Are you sure it will work?” Elizabeth asked.

“If we do it right, yes,” I confidently smiled.

After telling our parents about camping, they agreed. They thought it would be great to finally have a family outing. We packed all of our things and we headed to the camping spot where we would meet for the competition. Elizabeth and I are going to win! I just know it.

We arrived to our camping spot and I got excited.

“Mom. Dad. I’m going to get firewood with Elizabeth, okay?” I asked.

“Okay. Be careful, you two,” Mom smiled.

“We will!” I said as we ran. I wasn’t really going to get firewood. We were going to sign in to the competition. That way, we could get started as soon as possible!

We walked past the big, green trees into a wide open space of green grass. Behind the green space was the start of the ShadowMeadow valley hills. There were people in running pants stretching and doing exercises. In the center of all the people was a small table with a fabric, blue table cloth. There were three people sitting in chairs with three sign-up sheets.  Elizabeth and I walked to the table.

“Hi, I’m here to sign-in for the Scavenger hunt,” I said as I looked around the table.
“Yes, just have you and your partner sign here. Name, date, and time, please. If you need the time, our wireless clock is here,” the woman in  a blue shirt with brown hair and short bangs said.

“Thanks!” I smiled as I began to sign all the papers with Elizabeth, “I have a question. What time does the competition start?”

“It starts at 12:00 a.m. Today,” the woman said looking at me with her dark purple eyeshadow.

“Ok, thanks!” I said, now, very worried.

“Taylor, how are we supposed to come out here at 12:00 a.m and do the challenge?” Elizabeth asked.

“We can sneak out,” I said.

“Are you crazy?! I’ve already allowed you to take me all the way out here. Now, you want me to sneak out?! You are insane! I am a good girl not a bad girl. If we get in trouble, I’m totally blaming it on you!” Elizabeth whispered to me.

“No, no. Remember, no complaining if you want those Taylor Swift tickets. We are in this together,” I said.

“Fine! Only because I really want those tickets,” Elizabeth confessed.

We headed back  to the camping spot. All of our tents were set up. Elizabeth and I slept together and mom and dad slept together.

“Hey, where is the firewood?” dad asked suspiciously.
“Uhh... well... it’ was gone. There were so many people gathering wood that we couldn’t even get some,” I smiled and clapped my hands together once.

“We’re the only ones here,” dad said.

“Squirrels ate them?” I suggested.

“I’ll go get firewood. I’ll be back in a jiffy,” dad said.

“Yes, you go do that,” I said pointing my fingers to dad.

“Really? Squirrels ate them?” Elizabeth said.

“I couldn’t think of anything else,” I said.

After we ate, we headed for bed. Or at least dad and mom did. Elizabeth and I went into our tent and waited until dad started snoring. That meant they were both asleep. We walked out of the tent in our outfits. I was wearing a tank top that read ‘Gofer it’ with a pair of blue pants and running shoes. Elizabeth wore a big, blue dress with her hair curled.

“Why are you wearing that?” I asked Lizzie.

“The real question is...why are you wearing that?” she asked me.

“Whatever. Just be really quiet,” I told Elizabeth as she stepped on a noisy, narrow stick. Really?! I just told her to be quiet and she did the exact opposite! Typical Elizabeth.

Mom popped out of the tent and began to ask a ton of questions.

“What are you girls doing?” she asked.

“Uhhh...well...Elizabeth has to use the restroom and she woke me up so we could find a porta potty. But, then, I reminded her that there are no porta potties in the woods. So, I told her we’d have to do it as people did back in the days when there was no such thing as a toilet system. Out in nature!” I said hoping that would work.

“What?” Elizabeth said embarrassed as I put my hand over her mouth.

“Okay, just make sure you two come back soon. Be careful and don’t wake your father when you return,” she said as she popped her head back into the tent.

“Okay!” we said together. We tip-toed out to the starting point.

“I cannot believe you told her that,” Elizabeth complained.

“Again, I couldn’t think of anything else. I’m not good at coming up with things in a short period of time. Besides, what else would be doing at 12:00 a.m heading outside?” I told her.

“Still, you could’ve used yourself instead of me,” Elizabeth said.

“Okay, okay...there’s the starting point! Come on, Lizzie!” I said running to the where the starting point had been located.

“Just hold on! You are not the one in four inch heels,” Elizabeth said walking stiffly.

“Welcome, Helmenton fans! You guys all had to take a chance to be here. Now, the rules are simple. The first one to honk the horn on top of the highest hill in all of ShadowMeadow with their partner, wins a meet and greet with Dr. Jonathan Helmenton. We have put cameras just in case anyone of you gets hurt. We also have helicopters flying all around. In order to win, you must honk the horn with your partner. If only one of you comes back and honks the horn, you do not win. In order to go on to the next spot, you must find the hidden small computer and type in your team’s number. Your team’s number is the sticker with the five numbers on your shirt. On my count, 5...4...3...2...1...go!” the woman yelled.

We all had our treasure maps in our hands as we ran to the very first spot that we needed to meet at. We were against five other teams of two. On top of that, we had to get to the very last spot at 12:00 a.m tomorrow! If Elizabeth doesn’t take off her shoes soon, we are in some serious trouble. Yeah, she won’t be taking those shoes off anytime soon. We are in trouble.

“Okay! When we see the rock shaped like a face, we are going to make a hard left,” I said to her.

“Why do you get to tell us where we are going?” Elizabeth asked making me sound like I was being bossy.

“First of all, I can read maps. Second of all, if we follow your directions, we’ll end up at a fashion mall in Paris,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Ugghhh!!!” Elizabeth said running out of breath.

Two hours after we began, we made it to the third spot in one piece. Well, I did. Elizabeth’s dress was covered in dirt and one of the heels on her heels snapped into two pieces. She tried “gluing” it back together with dirt (which is why her dress was so dirty). Really, Lizzie? Really?

Once we arrived at the third spot, Elizabeth fell to the floor.

“Taylor, can we stop here, please? We’ve been running for hours and my other heel is on the verge of dying and so is my leg,” Elizabeth complained.

“Come on, Elizabeth! Get up! We have ten more spots to go! We’re in the lead, too! We can do it. I know we can,” I promised her.

“Can I at least get a piggyback ride to the thirteenth spot? Please!!” She begged.

“Tell me again how much you weigh. If you say five pounds, definitely,” I said with my foot on a rock as I calculated the total distance we had left with my calculator. Elizabeth was laying on her stomach. I searched around for the computer. It was hidden under some dirt. I typed in our number, 81380, and we ran some more.
“Are you positive I cannot…” Elizabeth began to ask as I cut her off by saying, “Don’t even ask that question again.”

It was almost dawn. We were in trouble. We had only made it to spot five. Elizabeth and I had to be very careful here. The trail was narrow and if you slipped, you’d fall into certain death (the ground below). We had to scooch by the five miles of narrow trails. With our backs against the hill, we stood on the tips of our toes and walked slowly. Very slowly. Elizabeth’s shoe was on the verge of snapping. Not now! If the heel snapped, that meant she would fall off the path into certain doom! Will  it be nice and not snap? Of course not! Just as we were at the end of our path, Elizabeth’s shoe snapped into two pieces. She fell off the side of the trail and with both hands, grabbed onto the trail’s ledge. She began to panic.

“Hold on, Elizabeth! Hold on!!” I said trying to move slowly so that way I wouldn’t fall, too. My heart began to race. I started breathing heavily and as rocks fell, my knees began to shake. I kneeled down slowly and tried to reach for Lizzie’s hand.

“Grab onto my hand and take the tip of your feet and push up. Go, now!” I instructed her as she began to do what I said. Soon, Elizabeth was back up on the path. We both went to the end of the path to sit and rest.

“Are you okay?” I asked very worried about Elizabeth.

“Mmhmm…”she said breathing heavily. Elizabeth’s hair was now a mess and so was her outfit. Both of the heels on her heels were gone. Her dress was ripped and full of mud. Luckily for us, we found the computer and typed our number in.

I was so worried about Elizabeth. I really thought that we would arrive in two pieces. We’re almost there, though. We just need to keep trying! I know we can make it!

Back at the campsite, mom and dad got worried and called for guards to search for us. We hadn’t been back from our “potty break” in like ten hours! We’ve been on this mission for ten hours and we’re only at spot six! We need to hurry. We were still in the lead, though. No one had registered their numbers, yet. I wonder why. I certainly thought we’d lose.

A few hours later, we had arrived at spot number ten.

Elizabeth walked very tired and was about to collapse. I was walking in front of her still in ship shape. I still had a load of energy.

“Taylor, remember how you said that if I lead that we’d end up at a fashion mall in Paris. I was thinking. If I follow where you lead me, I think we’ll end up at that prince’s palace you like,” Elizabeth said breathing heavily.

“What are you talking about? What prince?” I said denying that I liked any sort of prince.

“You know. The one that came to dinner a few weeks ago that discussed a trading system with dad. The one that lives in the Southern Isles, a country across from ours,” she said looking at me as I looked at her pretending to be clueless, “His name is Prince Hans. He’s twenty-two. Red hair, bluish-greenish eyes. Nevermind! Forget it.”

“Wow, how impressive. I can see you examined him closely. I think you like him more than I do,” I said reading the map and giggling at the same time.

“Aha! I knew you knew who he was and you confessed you like him,” she said.

“Pfft...what makes you think that?” I said pretending to not care.

“Honey, I’ve been in your room. The walls are covered with posters of him you’ve printed off the internet. You custom made your own doll. You keep a picture under your bed and you have a keychain on your backpack right now,” she said putting her hands on her hips.

“That doesn’t mean anything! I simply appreciate him for coming to our palace and sitting next to me at dinner,” I said as I giggled an ‘I’m in love’ giggle to myself.

“Appreciate is underestimating it. Also, you followed him around the table to see where he sat so you could sit next to him,” she said trying to prove a point.

“Okay! Enough about me. Let’s get back to reaching the very top of the valley,” I said.

“Hans and Taylor sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G,” Elizabeth began to chant over and over again.

“Stop, stop, stop! Enough with the shenanigans. Let’s focus! We have three more spots before we finish and win!!!” I reminded her.

“Fine,” she simply said.

“Shhh...hide. Guards,” I said as I grabbed Lizzie’s hand and ran behind a big rock.

“C’mon! They’re this way! The queen said they have to be here somewhere,” the first guard said.

“No, they’re this way,” the second guard said.

“Whatever. Just follow me,” the first guard said as he walked right past us.

That was close! They almost blew our mission! Mom and dad were worried, though. That’s not good. When we come back, they’re going to ask questions. Lots and lots of questions. How will we answer them? How? We had to make it to the top and fast!

Lizzie and I ran really fast. Really fast. I’ve never seen Elizabeth run that fast before! We reached spot twelve in two hours. We were almost there!! I was so excited. Unfortunately, the mountain was getting tricky. Very tricky. Plus, it was about to rain.

We had to cross a rickety rackety bridge that was about to collapse. One step and we were dead. We had to have a strategy. A good one, too.

“Elizabeth, have you ever walked on a tightrope?” I asked hoping she’d say yes.

“ I look like the kind of person who’d be able to do that?” she said.

“Our other option is to walk across the bridge. Carefully,” I said.

“I find myself repeating this phrase a lot lately to you specifically. Are you crazy?” Elizabeth said.

“C’mon! Just trust me. If we walk slowly, we’ll make it. Step only on the pieces of would that have no cracks in them. Please,” I said, “You go first.”

Elizabeth closed her eyes and took a chance. ‘That’s my brave girl!’ I thought to myself. Man, that sounded like something mom would say. She carefully walked across the bridge and she made it. Now, my turn. I had to take my own advice. ‘Walk only on the wood that have no cracks on them.’  So, I did. I walked and walked and walked and I almost made it. Until, I stepped on piece of wood with cracks. The wood snapped into two and I grabbed onto the piece attached to the bridge.

“Lizzie!!! Help me!” I called out to Elizabeth.

“I can’t reach you! You’re too far out!” Elizabeth said as she tried to reach for my hand. Just then, sweeping behind, Prince Hans grabbed me by my waist and retrieved me to the other side.

“Oh...thanks!” I said staring into his eyes and getting lost in a daydream.

“It is my job to help damsels in distress,” he bowed.

“I wasn’t in distress or anything. I just wanted to see if you’d save me or whatever,” I said.

“It was a pleasure seeing you again, Princess Taylor,” Hans said holding onto a vine. He swung down onto the ground and rode away on his horse.

“Mmmhmm, you...too. Isn’t he just dreamy?” I said getting lost in another daydream.

“K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Elizabeth giggled.

“Seriously, are we really still doing this?” I said, “Let’s move on.”

We walked onto the thirteenth spot. We were there! We just needed to  push the button. Sadly for me, I had a curious partner. A partner that didn’t want to not explore.

“Elizabeth, come on! We can just press the button and we win!!! We are here!” I said jumping up and down and twirling around. As I said that, I realized that Elizabeth was gone. Luckily, I followed her footprints into a cave with writing on it. The cave was called ‘The Shadow Demon’s cave’. Uh-oh! It was the shadow demon’s cave! I had to get her and fast. Plus, I had to do it without waking up the demon, or so she said. It was just a unicorn. How bad could that be? Not bad at all.

I walked into the cave and there the fifty foot monster laid. It was so cute!! It was a giant unicorn! On top of the mane, Elizabeth laid and the shadow demon was awake. It loved her! It was nuzzling her.

“Oh! Hi, Taylor! This is Dave, the talking unicorn. Isn’t he cute?! He is not a demon,” she said, “Don’t worry, Dave. This is my sister, Taylor. She’s nice!”

“Salutations, Taylor! My name is Dave, the unicorn. Come sit, sit. I don’t bite most of the time,” Dave said to me. I was about to scream. This was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Wow! You’ve adopted a fifty foot red-eyed unicorn named Dave. I’m so proud of you,” I said sarcastically.

“Isn’t he just a big, fluffy bundle of love. Plus, he makes tea! It’s simply divine!” Elizabeth giggled and smiled.

“Sure, that’s what he is. Elizabeth, I see the button it’s right there. We need to press it. Like now!!” I said hurrying her time with Dave.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s nice. Just five more minutes with Dave. I wove him!!” she said rubbing his face.

“Are you kidding me? You ‘wove’ him? You’re petting a fifty foot unicorn named Dave. You realize he’s a unicorn named David, right? You could be winning a meet and greet with a famous scientist!! Like now!” I said pointing to the button.

“No, you wanted to win. I didn’t have to come. I want to spend time with Dave, anyway. I’ve never met a talking unicorn before. Oh! Dave! Before Taylor leaves, tell her the thing. You know the story. The one you told me today,” she said sliding down it’s face.

“Ah! Yes, the story of Little Red Riding Hood!” He said as Elizabeth cut him off.

“No, the other one,” she whispered to him.

“Oh, yes! The story of Kyla Myers. Well, Kyla was a college student who had stumbled upon my cave. She walked into my cave and woke me up. Of course, my natural instinct is to be hospitable. So, I was. I offered tea and I offered to study with her for her big biology test. She wouldn’t accept it and of course she wondered how I knew so much about her. Well, I told her that my breed of unicorns can simply know everything about a person when they walk into a room! She was marveled. So, she stood up and took a picture of me. I lost control. Whenever a flash of something comes near me, like lightning flashes, camera flashes, or flash dancing, I automatically lose control! I’ve regretted that day ever since. I wish I could’ve gone back and apologized to her, but I’m not allowed to leave. People misunderstand me. They hear that story and they think I’m some horrible creature when really, I’m nice! My life long dream has been to meet Dr. Jonathan Helmenton,” he said as I lost my mind.

“Wait, you like Jonathan, too! I’ve never been able to find someone who likes the same thing as me. They all think I’m silly,” I softly smiled. I began to like Dave. He was nice.

“Have you seen the episode of his show where he says,” Dave began as I jumped in and said, “Gofer it!” We both laughed.

“I have the shirt. That’s what I’m wearing right now. I bought it from his online website. You know, the one where they make copies of his clothes from the show?” I said asking him if he knew the store.

“Oh! I have that shirt, too!” Dave said as he pulled it out from behind is tea table, “Do you possibly have a phone? We could text each other sometime.”

Really? Unicorns have phones and I don’t! Why does the world hate me?

“I don’t, but I am on the Dr. Jonathan Helmenton website,” I said.

“So am I. We need to message some time,” Dave said putting his eye glasses on.

I walked in front of Dave and I took out my Polaroid camera.

“Hey, I’m going to take a selfie of us,” I said foolishly pressing the button. They both yelled, “Stop!” I had totally forgotten Dave hated flashes.

Soon, Dave’s went from pink to red. He stood up on hind legs and chased all the way down the mountain.

Here is the part I started at at the beginning of the story. Elizabeth was scared and so was I. Where’s Hans when you’re being chased by a fifty foot demon unicorn? Hans, we need saving, like now!!

“Quick, head for behind the tree. We’ll lose him,” I pointed.

We hid behind the tree and waited for the unicorn to go back home.

Just as he turned around, we ran back home. I ran to dad.

“Daddy!!!!” I said running into his arms, “I was being chased by a fifty foot unicorn. We need to go home, now!”

Dad was obviously confused. Really confused. We packed up since it was raining really hard, anyway. We headed into the limousine where we explained the whole story to our parents. They were disappointed in us. Very disappointed in us. So disappointed that they grounded us for three months! Not fair!

A few days after I returned home, I received a call from my best friend, Kayla.

“Hey, Kayla! What’s up?” I said to her over the phone.

“Guess what?! So my mom know a friend, who knows a friend, who knows a friend, who knows a friend that knows Dr. Jonathan Helmenton! So, I heard what happened with you and Elizabeth last weekend. So, the guy who know Jonathan told him and Jonathan wants to meet you at your palace tomorrow night! I called your dad and he said it was okay!” Kayla said with excitement.

“No way! You’re awesome, Kayla!! Thank you so much!!” I said. We finished our conversation that night and I had dinner with Dr. Jonathan Helmenton the next night. He rocks! He is as cool in person as he is on the cover of ‘The Land of Disasters’. I even invited Dave to join us! He could hardly resist the offer. Dad was a bit iffy about letting a fifty unicorn into the palace, but I talked him into it.

This weekend, Elizabeth and I learned we can never keep secrets from our parents. Ever. Otherwise, we’ll be grounded for life. Elizabeth also learned that when camping, you should never, ever wear a dress with a two foot train and heels with a four inch heel. She won’t be doing that again, hopefully and as for Dave and Elizabeth. Well, Elizabeth has gone back to visit him a few times. She and him get along great. Dave and I also get along just fine. He comes over every Friday to watch the Jonathan Helmenton show. We watch all the new episodes. Dave even makes his tea which I adore!
As for me, I’ve remained awesome as always. Now, I’m totally prepared for the adventures that await for me with my sister, Elizabeth. Can we survive the impossible? We answered that question. Yes. Yes, we can.

         The End...for now!



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