8 Things to Know About Bellise Marianna

Hi Girle's'!

This is Carrie Caballo reporting live from the EG studio. Today we're going to learn a little more about Bellise Marianna. Here are some fun facts that you should know about her.

  1. Bellise loves the word "Wonderstruck." 
   Who could blame her? The word itself is...BEAUTIFUL!

     2.  Bellise loves horses, purple, Taylor Swift, and Frozen!

  Have you ever noticed?  Bellise is absolutely obsessed with these four! Purple is her favorite color, horses are her favorite animal, Taylor Swift is her favorite singer, and Frozen is her favorite movie!

    3. In Bellise's past time, (other than blogging) she sings. A lot.

   Bellise loves to sing. It's like her favorite things to do (other than blogging). She likes to write songs and sing, sing, sing. 

    4. Bellise plays two instruments: the piano and...the banjo?!

   Since Bellise is inspired by Taylor Swift, she decided she wanted to learn how to play the banjo. And even before her obsession of T-Swizzle obsession, she loved the sound of the banjo.

    5. Bellise loves writing stories.

  Story writing is like songwriting but in a more elaborated way and it's not set to a tune. Bellise loves to use her imagination to think about what will happen anytime...anywhere. 

      6. Bellise also loves reading about the human body.

   Super interesting! The human body is a wondrous marvel to her. 

   7.  Bellise's favorite dessert is...cheesecake!

   Cheesecake is delicious.  And to her, whoever created it was a genius! Thank you, Greeks! 

   8.  Bellise's lucky number is 8.

    Even when she was little, she loved the number 8. It's always been her lucky number. Now, you can understand why we're doing 8 facts. :)

We hope you enjoyed this post!


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