November 1st

Hi Girle's'!

Today is November 1st, the first day of November. Speaking of "witch", how was Halloween? I was dressed as Elsa and got to take tons of pictures with little girls. They yelled my name and got so excited to see "big Elsa". Also, I got loads of full sized candy bars. Awesome, right?!

Now, November is equally as fun. I know all of you are sad because Halloween is over but, November has some perks, too. :)

First of all, November gets you to the best time of the year; Christmas! We've already gotten our chocolate calendar (counts how many days there is until Christmas. Every day, you eat one chocolate).

Second, Thanksgiving! Awesome, right! We get to spend time with our families. Yay!!

Third, Veterans day. That means an extra long weekend for all of you weekend lovers.

Check out some National Holiday here: National Days in November

We hope you have an awesome November and hope you enjoy our November posts!


EG/ Bellise



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