A Preview to: Every Unpublished Story on 'What Would Happen After?'!

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Today we have a special article written just for WWHA. It a preview to all the stories. Calm down, calm down, I'm excited, too. Let's get started with ultimate fun!

Isabella: DONE=The Break of Dawn

Brooklynn: DONE=Princess Brooklynn and the Last Unicorn

Kiera: DONE=The Princess, The Locket, and The Sheer

Sophia: Sophia and the Lost Twin Sister

When Sophia was stolen at birth, she lived on an island for 16 years just wondering what life would be outside the trees. When she finds a book that tells a tale about two twin sisters, she goes off to explore where the two twin sisters lived. What she didn't know was that there was a surprise waiting for her. She goes an epic journey discovering new secrets and meeting new people.      

Madellynn: A Fork in the Road

This is story is a narration told by Princess Madellynn. When Gaston survives the fall when the beast pushed him off the roof, he planned an ultimate plan to steal the child of Belle and Adam so that Belle will marry him. Now, Madellynn has been stolen! She can't remember anything about her true parents since she's been living with Gaston and his new family for years. The only thing Madellynn can remember is the tune to a music box that her mother played hundreds and hundreds times. When a man visits her trying to help her remember who played the music box to her, she cannot remember. Then one day, she goes to visit "the king and queen" and finds out those are her true parents! She must choose between Gaston or Belle and Beast.

Teagan: The Lost One

When Teagan's father a job in the mountains, he takes it immediately. But, what he didn't know was that an avalanche is coming. He gets hit by it. When Anna, 5-year-old Teagan, and Teagan's brand new brother, Christopher, find out, they are devastated.  9 years later, Teagan and her family decide to go on an adventure to find her long lost father.

Annelise: The Glass Rose

Maleficent is back! And she has a plan to curse the daughter of Aurora. So, she does. Now, Annelise has 18 years to live. Why? Because Maleficent gave her a glass rose and every year one glass petal falls to the ground and breaks. But, when it's time for Annelise's coronation she discovers a big secret. So, she runs away to undo the curse. Will she be successful?

Ebony: Princess Ebony and the Mysterious Sign

It's Princess Ebony's 16th birthday and her mother presents her with a gorgeous dress that she wore at her coronation. Ebony is delighted by the gift. What she doesn't know is that the decoration on her dress holds a special power. What will happen next?

Eliana: Princess Eliana and the Poisonous Sword

When Princess Eliana finds a black gem that seems mysterious to her, she goes to her library to read all about the gem. Turns out that it belonged to the mysterious poisonous sword and anyone who touched the sword would be poisoned. So, Eliana sets off to discover more. What will she retrieve?

Liah: The Secret of the Warrior

Liah's parents have always been really secretive about there job. They know she is interested in the warriors that come back from the war and want to protect her. But, when they get called on a mission and don't come back for months, Liah gets worried. So, her grandparents tell her a legend and who her parents really were. Liah sets off on and adventure to find her parents and discover the real Liah.

So, do we have you intrigued??? Well if we do, watch and wait for them to come out. They'll be out soon don't worry. Do you have a favorite so far? Tell us in the comment section. I have a few favorites. I guess I'd have to say Eliana's, Sophia's, and Liah's.

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