Happy Halloween!

Hi Girle's'!

It's Halloween! Finally. We've been waiting and it's finally here. Guess what?? My costume is almost done, too. So, today I have one full day of sewing. Yikes! But, at least all my sisters have their costumes. So, my younger sisters are going to be Anna and Elsa. I'm going to be Elsa. Also, dorky, dorky Fellini has a costume as well. We went to Target and got him an "Ugly Sweater". It's a sweater with a snowman holding a snowflake and to match the costume, we have reindeer antlers. He's going to be Svolaf (Sven & Olaf). :) Adorable!  Although when we put the sweater on him, he looked exactly like one of my old classmates who ALWAYS wore sweaters. Same hair, same color sweater. All he was missing were the freckles. So, I was thinking of changing his costume form Svolaf  to my old classmate. My question is...what are you guys going to be for Halloween. Elsa..Anna...a unicorn? Let us know in the comment section. My other question is...what are you guys going to do for Halloween? I'm going to go Trick or Treating with my family. Some of my neighbors are throwing a HUGE Haunted House across the street "witch" I'll be walking through. Tell us in the comment section what you're going to be doing.

Now...we all hope your night is as "Spoooooky" as ever!

Frozen Halloween

                         Happy Halloween! 





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