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Hey Girle's'!!

Today we have an awesome story told by Isabella, daughter of Elsa. Check it out!!

                      Hey everyone! 

            I have an awesome story to tell. It's about my mom's hair. You know how her hair's white? Well, originally she was born with brown hair. Ever notice her brown eyelashes? That's because she has ice powers. Her ice powers turned her hair white. Crazy, huh?!

      It was a long time mom was probably about 5. She just found out she had ice powers. She was so afraid. The thing is, she never used her ice powers when she was little because she didn't know about them. My mom told us that the first time you use your ice powers, your hair turns white. Anyway, my mom just used them. She saw her hair was turning white. So, she got really afraid and ran away. It was really snowy and foggy outside. Her hair kept turning white, kind of how my aunt's did. Remember this?

That is how my mom was but less snowy. My mom's parents were searching everywhere for her and they finally found her. My mom explained what happened to them. Here is a picture of what she would look like if she didn't have ice powers.

And here is a picture of her little with brown hair. 




Isabella <3

You get the idea? Basically, Isabella was explaining that Elsa's hair wasn't always white. It turned white when she first used her ice powers. She was originally born with brown hair. So, Elsa ran away at age five on a dark and snowy night. Her parents were trying to look for her and they did!!





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