What Would Happen After? Princess Brooklynn and the Last Unicorn- Brooklynn, Claire, Cinderella-It's Finally here!!!

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Princess Brooklynn and the Last Unicorn

   By: Bellise Marianna-EG

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom far, far, away, there lived a girl named, Cinderella. Cinderella was a servant girl for her evil stepmother. Cinderella dreamed of daring quests and exploring the world beyond her village.

One night, Cinderella decided to run away from her stepmother and stepsisters. She couldn’t handle them. Cinderella hopped out the window (Cinderella was 12 at this time) and ran through the valley. That night, she came across a beautiful forest called “The Forbidden Forests”. Cinderella explored through the forest and came to a beautiful meadow filled with unicorns. This meadow was hidden behind the trees and flowers. She explored throughout the meadow and learned that each unicorn lived in a special season. The unicorns of Autumn brought Autumn to the human world, Summer unicorns brought summer to the human world, Spring unicorns brought Spring to the human world, and Winter unicorns brought Winter and snow to the human world. Each unicorn had a special marking in it’s hair that identified which clan it was in. Autumn unicorns had red, orange, and yellow in their hair. Summer unicorns had yellow in their hair. Spring unicorns had pink, purple, and yellow in their hair. Winter unicorns had sparkly silver and baby blue in their hair. Their bodies were specially marked, too. Autumn unicorns were bay. Spring unicorns were gold. Summer unicorns were spotted (Dapple grays). Winter unicorns were sparkly silver, like their hair.

Cinderella was amazed by this. She met a unicorn that was born that day. She was the only black, sparkly winter unicorn in the meadow. It was very unique to Cinderella. She called her Silhouette. Cinderella decided to visit her unicorn every night. But, when she fell asleep while doing her chores, her stepmother knew something was up. She followed Cinderella to the meadow and caught her. When they arrived home, she strapped Cinderella to a chair and used magic to take the memories away from her. That way she would never, ever leave her stepmother’s sight again.

Many years later, Cinderella had a daughter of her own. She was just as curious as her mother. She possessed a power that allowed her to turn anything into glass. The young princess’s name was Brooklynn. She loved unicorns just as much as her mother did and because she did, her mother gave her unicorn earrings with opals running through the center. Her mother bought her those earrings because the opal in the center connected Brooklynn to the unicorn world. Cinderella never remembered her adventure finding the unicorn world. It took someone very special to help her remember. Someone named...Brooklynn.

     16 years later…

Brooklynn woke up to the sun shining in her room. She raised herself out of her bed and stretched her arms and rubbed her eyes. She got out of her bed and put her slippers on. Her hair full of bird’s nests and it was puffed up really high. Her sister, Claire, had just woken up, too. She waited at Brooklynn’s door.

“Hey Brooke!! How’s your morning?” Claire smiled.

“I just woke up. I can’t tell you how my morning was until I actually live it,” Brooklynn said. Brooklynn and Claire walked downstairs.

Brooklynn walked out to her stables and Claire followed. Brooklynn got her horse brushes and brushed her dapple grey horse. She stopped and looked at the sunset. Claire walked up to her pony and brushed it’s long golden mane.

“Claire, have you ever wondered if somewhere out there, there is a unicorn?” Brooklynn wondered.

“Not really. Do you?” Claire returned.

“I do. I just love them so much. Somehow, I feel like...like I’m connected to them,” Brooklynn said as her mother walked outside.

“Good morning, girls! It looks like you two are working very hard. I’d say you two should come in for breakfast,” their mother smiled.

The girls walked in with their mother for breakfast.

Brooklynn and Claire sat down at the table. Their mother served them large pancakes suited for a princess.

“I have an announcement to make! We’re going to have royal winter celebration, tomorrow night!!” Cinderella happily announced.

The girls’ ears perked up. They ran up to their room and looked for shoes and dresses. As soon as they found their perfect outfit, they rushed to show each other. Claire chose some black flats and a dark blue dress with sparkles and puffy sleeves. Brooklynn chose her tea dress. Her tea dress was baby blue and puffy. It included some blue metallic shoes and her favorite gold unicorn necklace.

“I’m so excited for the ball. We’re going to dance, eat fancy food, and dance,” Claire smiled as she held her gown up to herself.

“I am, too,” Brooklynn added.

The next day, Brooklynn rose early and prepared herself for the ball. Everyone in the palace was bustling with joy.

The night of the ball came and Brooklynn was all prepared. The princess walked out and everyone clapped. Brooklynn smiled and bowed.

“This is so cool!” Claire smiled.

“I know. I cannot stop thinking about it. The only thing is I don’t want it to turn into last year’s ball,” Brooklynn said as she remembered the moment. Brooklynn was at a ball and was super bored. She saw someone sneeze. ‘Are sneezes contagious?’ she asked herself. Apparently for her. Brooklynn tried to hold her sneeze in but, it burst out. Brooklynn fell to the floor and turned the whole floor to glass. Just then, a turkey fell on her face. Where did that come from?? She was so embarrassed.

“Don’t worry! That won’t happen again. I think you were just having a bad day. Well, today is a new day for a ball and just brush that moment off,” Claire said to cheer up her sixteen year-old sister.

“For a nine year-old girl, you’re pretty wise,” Brooklynn said.

“I know,” Claire smiled.

Brooklynn walked over to the snack table and saw her friend, Isabella, there (daughter of Elsa).

“Brooke, this party is great. My mom has never enjoyed it more. Oh...thanks for putting her in charge of making the snow. She loves it,” Isabella winked.

“No problem. I was super excited that my mom said that we were having a ball. More shoes for me!!” Brooklynn smiled.

“OOOooooo...they’re lighting the cake. I need to dig in. See you!” Isabella said as she ran to the cake.

Brooklynn waved and walked by a duke. He stepped on her dress and she tripped. She landed on top of the snack table and turned everything into glass!!! Brooklynn got up off the table and ran towards the door. She got on her horse and ran off.  She came into ‘The Forbidden Forest’ and kept running.  She finally stopped and walked into the trees and flowers. Brooklynn couldn’t believe her eyes! It was whole meadow full of unicorns!! Her dream. Brooklynn walked slowly to the meadow and unicorns ran all around her. Brooklynn smiled. The opals in the middle of her unicorn earrings started to glow. Brooklynn wandered throughout the unicorn meadow. She wandered into all seasons. The one she didn’t want to leave was the winter season. There she met a black unicorn with it’s sparkly grey foal. The black unicorn had a tag on it’s neck that was a little faded. It said Silhouette. Brooklynn marveled over the tag. The handwriting looked just like her mother’s. Her mother would never come in contact with a unicorn. She hardly believes in them. It couldn’t possibly be her. Brooklynn loved the little grey unicorn. She named it, Swift because it was the fastest pony ever! Brooklynn left the meadow happily. What she didn’t know was that she wasn’t alone. She was being watched.

Brooklynn shut her big front french doors happily.

“Woah...why are you so happy?” Claire asked.

“No reason,” Brooklynn smiled.

“Oh my gosh!! You met a boy! No way!!” Claire giggled.

“No. I saw a unicorn clan,” Brooklynn said.

“I don’t believe it. Mom said unicorns don’t live on Earth,” Claire frowned.

“Of course they do. Meet me tonight at the stables and I’ll prove to you I’m right,” Brooklynn said as she walked off.

Brooklynn and Claire got their riding clothes on, quickly. They saddled their horses and were off.

Their horses slowed down as they reached the meadow.

“Claire, do you still think I’m crazy?” Brooklynn asked.

“Brooklynn, I will forever and always think you’re crazy. Even if this situation never existed,” Claire said dully.

“Well, check it out!” Brooklynn smiled.

“Wow! Am I dreaming?” Claire marveled.

“No. It is one-hundred percent real,” Brooklynn laughed.

“Why are they all specially marked?” Claire wondered.

“Well, I read in a book that each unicorn lives in a special season. The unicorns of Autumn bring Autumn to our world, Summer unicorns bring summer to our world, Spring unicorns bring Spring to the our world, and Winter unicorns bring  Winter and snow to the our world. Each unicorn has a special marking in it’s hair to identify which clan it is in. Autumn unicorns have red, orange, and yellow in their hair. Summer unicorns has yellow in their hair. Spring unicorns have pink, purple, and yellow in their hair. Winter unicorns have sparkly silver and baby blue in their hair. Their bodies are specially marked, too. Autumn unicorns are bay. Spring unicorns are gold. Summer unicorns are spotted (Dapple grays). Winter unicorns are sparkly silver, like their hair. Interesting though, this unicorn is the only black unicorn in the winter clan and she had a silver foal. I named her Swift. Also, this black unicorn has a tag that says “Silhouette” on it. It looks like mom’s writing,” Brooklynn said.

“It couldn’t possibly be mom. Remember,” Claire said.

“Still. I feel like someone didn’t make her remember something. Like someone did something evil,” Brooklynn said as she pet Swift, “Sometimes...I also feel like I’m being watched. It’s probably just me but, still. I feel like something is going to happen,”.

“Can I pick a unicorn?” Claire asked.

“Of course!! Which clan?” Brooklynn asked.

“Ummmmm…..I think...Uhhh....the fall clan,” Claire said as she ran to the fall clan. It took a while, but she finally picked a unicorn. It was bay horse with long yellow, red, and orange stripes in it’s hair. She named it Autumn.

“We better get home before mom finds out that we’re gone,” Brooklynn said.

“Can I bring Autumn home?” Claire asked with puppy dog eyes.

“No. We must leave them here. If mom finds out...well, we don’t want to know what’s going to happen if mom finds out,” Brooklynn exclaimed.

The next day, Brooklynn talked to her mother.

“Mother, we need to talk,” Brooklynn said sincerely,

“Of course. What is it?” Cinderella smiled.

“Well. Yesterday, when I stormed off, I found something,” Brooklynn said.

“Like what. Don’t worry. You can always tell me anything!” Cinderella said softly.

“Well, you may not believe me or Claire but, I found a unicorn clan!” Brooklynn said.

“What! That’s not possible. Unicorns don’t exist,” Cinderella said not remembering anything about unicorns. Stepmother also made her think they don’t exist.

“They do, though. I found a whole clan and they’re my friends,” Brooklynn smiled.

“Brooklynn, listen to yourself. You’re saying unicorns are real. You need to make human friends,” Cinderella said.

“But, mother! They are real I saw them with my own eyes. I do have human friends, Isabella and Claire. Please, listen!” Brooklynn pleaded.

“It was fine when you were three but now, you’re almost grown. You need to start thinking about other things in your life other than silly fairy tales. You need to...to...not be three,” Cinderella said.

“Mother, listen to yourself. What ever happened to the nursing mother, the one who believed her daughter’s stories? Where is the old you?” Brooklynn sincerely said as she shut the door behind her.

Just then, she heard a knock at the door. She walked down to the living room and saw it was a lady with gray hair and a pink dress.

“Hello, dear,” the lady said.

“Ummm..hi,” Brooklynn responded

“I am here to solve...a little problem I have,” the lady said.

“You may want to speak to my mother about this,” Brooklynn smiled.

“I came here to speak to you directly, dear,” the lady said, “My name is Lady Tremaine. I have a problem with a meadow,”.

“What kind of meadow?” Brooklynn asked suspiciously.

“A meadow in The Forbidden Forest. You see, there are unicorns running wild in this meadow. I would like to build a city on top of this meadow,” Lady Tremaine said.

“First of all, that meadow is not big enough to build a city on top of it. Second, those unicorns are my friends. Third, those unicorns keep the balance of nature in place. Without them, our seasons are lost. Forever,” Brooklynn said desperately.

“I will get a hold of that meadow if I have to kill all the unicorns in it,” Lady Tremaine said as she shut the door.

Brooklynn rolled her eyes. She couldn’t possibly do something that evil. But, Lady Tremaine meant what she said. She had a plan to kill off every unicorn there was in the meadow. She wasn’t doing it to build a city. She was doing it because it meant power for her. Revenge on Cinderella’s family. How could she get power? With the magic from their horns. Brooklynn had no idea how much power Lady Tremaine had.

That night, Brooklynn snuck off again to see her beloved unicorn, Swift. When she arrived, half of the Forbidden Forest was burnt to the ground. Brooklynn went from a gallop to a walk. She didn’t think Lady Tremaine would come this far. She was simply evil.

“The unicorns. Go girl, go!!” Brooklynn said quickly. She ran through the flames as fast as she could to reach Swift and all the unicorns. When she arrived, Lady Tremaine stood in front of her.

“Hello, Brooklynn,” she smiled evilly.

“What have you done to this forest? The unicorns need this land to survive. They’re my friends,” Brooklynn said.

“Well, I asked you nicely and it seems you told me no. That just meant I’d have to go extreme,” Lady Tremaine smiled.

“You’re not welcome here!” Brooklynn said.

“Yes, I am. I am so glad you came early, the party was just beginning!” Lady Tremaine said as she lit a fire.

“Stop!! No...please! Stop!” Brooklynn begged.

Brooklynn ran to all of the unicorns. She kept begging for her stop but, she would listening. Many unicorns were laying on the ground unconscious. The whole fall clan fell to ruins. As each clan fell, colors turned to grey in the village. The unicorns kept the seasons, nature, and colors in balance. Without them, the world is lost forever.

The winter clan was the last one. Brooklynn ran to Swift, but it was too late.

“No, not Swift...Silhouette. No...you monster! Why would kill such a harmless thing?” Brooklynn said.

“Power,” Lady Tremaine said.

“I must get my mother. She’ll help me!” Brooklynn said as she jumped on her horse.

“Good luck helping her remember!” Lady Tremaine said.

“You did this to her. She would remember unicorns to this day if you didn’t mess with her brain,” Brooklynn said.

“Yes, it was me. Your mother was my servant girl. One night, she ran off and met this black unicorn and gave it the name of Silhouette. She made this tag for it,” Lady Tremaine said.

“I knew it was hers. I knew it from the start!! I need to help her remember!” Brooklynn said.

Brooklynn rode as fast as she could to the palace.

“Mother, please. You have to come with me. I have a….late birthday surprise. Just get on your horse and I’ll show you!!” Brooklynn said.

Claire, Brooklynn, and their mother saddled their horses. They reached the Forbidden Forest and then the meadow. Claire and Cinderella saw it was burnt to the ground. They were horrified.

“Mother, remember when you said unicorns don’t exist? Well, take a peek at this!” Brooklynn said, “All the unicorns have been burnt to the ground and now color is lost forever in our kingdom. Your stepmother did this,” Brooklynn said as she walked to Swift.

“My stepmother did this?” Cinderella said as she walked over to the black unicorn she named Silhouette. As she pet Silhouette, she instantly remembered all the events that happened when she was twelve.

“You were right! Unicorns do exist. We need to help them as fast as we can,” Cinderella remembered.

“Hello, girls!” Lady Tremaine said.

“Stepmother!” Cinderella said angrily.

“Yes. I’m so happy you remember dear Silhouette here. But, you came a little late in the game. I have all their magic. I have it all. Every last drop,” Lady Tremaine evilly smiled.

“Go, girls! Help the unicorns. Now!” Cinderella yelled hopefully.

“Okay, Claire...you’ll help fall and summer and I’ll help winter and spring,” Brooklynn said.

The girls ran to each unicorn trying to make it burst out a spit of magic.

“Don’t you realize that if I have the magic, you can’t save your friends?” Lady Tremain said.

“Wait! I have an idea! I can turn her into glass and we’ll have the magic. Are you good at making loud, annoying noises?” Brooklynn whispered to Claire.

“Claire is the name, loud, annoying noises is my game!” Claire smiled.

Claire ran to the stepmother and she really did make loud and super annoying noises. The stepmother tried shooting her unicorn magic at Claire, but kept missing.

“Any last words, Claire?” Lady Tremaine asked evilly.

“I could ask the same thing,” Brooklynn smiled as she shot her into glass.

Lady Tremaine dropped her staff full of unicorn magic and Brooklynn picked it up. She walked to the center of all clans and lifted to the dawned sky. The magic went around to every unicorn. Each one had it’s magic back, which meant the color was back in the kingdom as well.  The three girls hugged and smiled. Silhouette walked up to Cinderella and Silhouette remembered her. Silhouette stood on her hind legs and neighed.
“I’m very sorry I doubted you, Brooklynn. I just couldn’t remember anything,” Cinderella said.

“It’s not your fault. I understand,” Brooklynn said.

Eventually, Cinderella and Brooklynn built a spot where unicorns could run free. Anyone who dared to hurt any unicorn, well...let’s just say don’t mess with the unicorns.

There were hills and mountains and meadows everywhere!! The unicorns were happy bringing seasons to the kingdom. Silhouette stood on her hind legs and, again, neighed so loud it echoed throughout the kingdom. Some say when you stand on a mountaintop or hill, you can still hear the echoing of Silhouette’s neigh.

They all lived Happily ever after!

            The end!!

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