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I have some awesome news!! It was my birthday yesterday! Awesome, right?! So, in celebration, we're going to have a....Fairy Tale Diaries. Yay! I know you've all been waiting for one and here it is.

Brief Summary of Last Story:

Last time, Elisa's sister, Claire, was dating a guy. She went out on the first a date with him and found out he was a....VAMPIRE!! 

-My Sister is Dating a Vampire!- Fairy Tale Diaries Book #5

Now, for the new diary journal by: Summer.

                                    The House of Wax

                                    Fairy Tale      Diaries

                                  By: Bellise Marianna

Hello everyone! It's Summer! :)

I have some crazy news. It's so crazy I'll have to tell you in story order. 

         It was the beginning of a new school year (the day before the first day of school) and my whole family was super busy. We were out shopping for school supplies like all day.

       Finally we came home at two o'clock. We still had some time and nothing to do. My dad decided it was a good idea to take us to the wax museum. That sounded fun enough. 

         We arrived at the museum and it was HUGE! It was filled of celebrities from Taylor Fleetman and Lady Goo-Goo-Gaga. I couldn't help loving them. Just then, I saw a stone. It was a ruby and it was attached to the center of the wall. I was about to touch it when my dad called me. I guess he couldn't find me. Before, I left, I touched and it glowed. I ran to my dad quickly.

An hour later, I got lost. I was so confused and scared as I walked through the long, perpetual halls. Just then something tapped me. I looked back and nothing was there. I felt it again. Still, nothing there. As I turned my head back to it's normal position, I saw a tall, waxy figure in front of me. The figure was the wax version of the main singer for Two Directions. I screamed. I didn't scream because I was scared, I screamed because I love Nahile Lucas. I ran to hug me and he pushed me off. 

"Hello fellow maiden," Nahile said.

"Hi! Wow, you're a way better gentlemen as a wax figure then human form," I smiled. 

Nahile bowed down and I was so confused. Why would he bow down to me? He took my hand and we ran down the hall to his "pack" of wax figures. They all bowed down.

"Our queen!" they all said together.

"Your queen?" I said confused.

"Yes. You were the maiden who touched "The Red Ruby of Destiny". The one who touches it, becomes our queen," Nahile said.

"No, no, no. I'm no queen. It was nice meeting you all but I have to find my dad," I said now a little afraid.

"The little maiden doesn't want to become our queen. Looks like we have to go make her want to become our queen," Nahile said as all the wax figures' eyes turned from normal to red.

I ran very afraid and I saw a fireplace. They were coming quickly and I had to get the fire on quickly and draw them near it. I pushed them all into the fire and boom! It was done.

My dad had finally found me with the head of the wax museum. They were very angry to see all the wax figures melted. So, they banned us from the museum. Oh well, we'll find another wax museum. :)

I've been getting several bills in the mail for buying new wax figures.

Well, that was my weird day. Also, I now have a fear of wax figures. Now, I cannot bare to go on the Log ride in Knott's Berry Farm.



I agree with her. Wax figures are creepy. They're so realistic and...Uggghhh.......





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