Halloween 2014- Part #1

It's almost Halloween!! Yay!!! The Girle's' were super excited to start their costumes immediately. Brekin made their costumes. SO TALENTED!!!  Brekin just finished them and had the girls try them on. Here are their costumes!

Brekin: Princess

Coming Soon

Brenton: Witch

Coming Soon

Taylor Fleetman: Cowgirl

Coming Soon

Breyer: Princess Jasmine

Anna(lise): Elsa and her sister, Kiera: Anna

Coming soon

Rose: Unicorn

Coming Soon

Aridessa: Alien

Carmen: Rock star

Coming Soon

Cerise: Mermaid

Mia: Werewolf

How awesome are those costumes!!!

Now for our costumes:

Bellise: Elsa

Sienna (animal photographer): Anna

Molly (artisan): Little Dead Riding Wolf

We hope you enjoyed!!! :-)


EG/ Bellise



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