Fairy Tale Diaries- My Sister is Dating a Vampire!-Short Story #5

                                      My Sister is Dating a Vampire!

 Fairy Tale                                                    Diaries

                         By: Every Girle'

Dear Diary, 

It's Elisa. This week was one of the creepiest weeks of my life!  Okay, I'll just start the story.

    So, Claire (my sister) got a boyfriend last week. He seemed very sweet and sensitive and to tell you the truth I actually like him for her but, that all changed one day. 

      Claire and her boyfriend (Xavier), went on a date one night and she came home telling us everything. "You guys, he's great, I totally love him. He's very sweet and cares for charities", Claire smiled. "Really, that's really sweet. Which kinds of charities?" Mom asked. "Oh..blood drives," Claire said. " Today he whispered something to the waiter. I'm not sure what it was but, I don't really want to know. But, I got water, like you said, and he got fruit punch. But, just before we went out, I'm guessing he went to a costume party. He was really pale. SO ADORBS!! And his favorite place to be is at the doctor's when they are giving you shots" Claire shrieked.

           The next day, they went out again. This was their whole conversation. 

      "Do you know your blood type?" Xavier asked Claire. "Wow! That's a strange question. Really digging in deep. Haha...I think A or B positive," Claire laughed. "Have you eaten today?", Xavier asked. "We're eating right now, silly. Oh..thank you," Claire said to Xavier and then thanked the waiter for giving her her cookie. "MMMM.....I love cookies! Let's get started," Xavier smiled. "Started with what," Claire asked.

Claire didn't come home for hours. Mom wasn't as that worried until she got a call from 911. They said Claire was bitten by something a lost a ton of blood. Xavier walked and said with his Italian accent, "Sorry..I'm Late,"    Claire started to wake up and she started to explain what she remembered and I put all the missing puzzle pieces together. 

"Wait a minute! I know what bit Claire! Xavier!! He's a...a...vampire! I'll prove it!! Every vampire has to red marks on their shoulder. Look," I said as pulled down his sleeve. "This is all a misunderstanding! I would never....", Xavier said. "Save it, Xavier. It's true and I think you should leave," Claire said. "But, Claire, sweetie. We can work it all," Xavier said as he couldn't finish his sentence. "LEAVE!!" Claire said as she pointed her finger towards the door. "HISSS....I'll be back! You'll here from my lawyers and my brother, Alexander, will be back for you, Elisa", Xavier said. Claire gave him a stern look. She hugged us and we all went home.

It was really weird. Apparently, I go to school with this Alexander and I'm always getting love notes from him in the mail, my backpack, my locker, my books (they act as book marks), my desk and the he writes a poem for me everyday on the whiteboard. UGGHHH!!! When will it end?

Well, I;m glad I have my diary to talk to. Well, bye, I have to go meet Claire's boyfriend for dinner.  My mom and I are going with Claire. I think he's always sailing on a ship right before their dates. He's really green. And he's always really tired and he wears ripped clothes. And don't tell anyone but, I thought I found his hand in my pasta once! Because I showed it to everyone at the table and I thought I saw him missing a hand. He also needs to do something with his skin. It's very wrinkled!

Well, mom's calling! I have to go!


Your friend and owner,


-----Claire dates weird people!

How was the story?? Okay?? I hope it was good!

Hope you enjoyed!! 




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