Secrets in Disney's Frozen

Have you found any secrets in the new movie in Frozen? Have you been exploring deeply into what it would've been? Probably not. That is why I am here to help you with some secrets in Frozen. You would've never guessed them. So, let's  get started below.

#1: Rapunzel and Eugene walk through the scene when Anna is singing "For The First Time In Forever" and

#2: Do you remember the ship Ariel explored? Yeah, that was the ship of Anna and Elsa's parents! Apparently, they were going to Rapunzel's homecoming dance. Crazy how stories intertwine!!

#3: Don't look at any of the other characters in the scene "Big Summer Blowout". Why? Because Oaken winks!!

Swede uploaded this video.

#4: Elsa was going to be the villain! Take a look at her first drawing.

#5: They had to bring in a real reindeer to draw Sven. They even used the director's dog to get an idea of his personality.

#6: Do You Wanna' Build a Snowman almost didn't happen. They were going to cut that scene.

#7:  They used the real Norway for inspiration.

#8: Both Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel (Elsa and Anna) went to audition for the role of Rapunzel.

#9: Elsa's hair has about 420,000 strands of hair. While the average human has only about 100,000 strands. Rapunzel only had 27,000 strand on her head! THAT IS INSANE!!

#10: Let it Go is the highest grossing Disney song! It has reached Beatles fame!!

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