Fin Fun Mermaid-Mermaid Tails

       I just got a Fin Fun Mermaid Tail from the Easter bunny. And it is...................AMAZING! The fabric is beautiful and soooooooo sparkly. I look like a real mermaid.

       I have had several little kids walk up to me and ask if I am a mermaid. In fact, today I went to the pool, and two girls were video taping me swim through water! Pretty cool, huh? You will love a Fin Fun Mermaid Tail. Check them out! Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

          FYI---If you look on the website, click on Mermaid Tails and click Mermaid Tails (Kids, Teens, Adults). Then you'll see the list of mermaid fins and colors. I got Purple Sky.

        I recommend that you get the mermaid fin and the Monofin. The Monofin helps shape the tail. Without it, the tail just looks like floppy fabric. Also, it is easier to swim in the Monofin with the tail.

        CAUTION: Before you buy the fin, PLEASE practice the dolphin kick. Make sure you have it down. You are required to know how to do the Dolphin Kick.

         Tip: Sit on the edge of the pool with your tail and monofin on and kick your fin in and out of the water like mermaids would. People will marvel over your tail.

Here is what mine looks like:

The floppy fin looks worse in the water.


Hope you enjoy!




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