The Story of Taylor Fleetman: The Girl who Almost Lost her Voice. Forever!

This is the story of Taylor Fleetman. She is well known as the girl who almost lost her voice. Here is the reason why.

The Story of Taylor Fleetman

  The Girl Who Almost Lost her Voice. Forever!

Taylor Fleetman was born in Nashville, Tennessee on December 15th, 1998. She had been singing ever since she could talk. At age 5, every Sunday, she had mini concerts for her parents. She wrote her own songs and dressed up as a pop star. She had dreamed her whole entire life to be a famous pop star that everybody loved. At age 14, she got her record deal and wrote her first album called, Fleetman. It was the most popular single in America.

1 year later, she did something that put her career in major trouble. This is the the story of the girl who almost lost her voice.

Taylor Fleetman brushed through her hair a few times before she got on stage. Just then, her producer walked in and said, “You look great! G.R.E.A.T...great!! Oh and before you go on, take this survey. It is for the best producer ever awards. Vote for me!!”

Taylor smiled. “Awww...thanks! But, I can’t vote now. I have to go on stage. So, I’ll see you for a quick change,” Taylor said. “Vote for me!”her producer said.

Taylor stood in front of 25,000 people. She sang and sang her little heart out.

At the end of the show, people lined up for meet and greet. Taylor had been standing there signing autographs for hours.

Afterwards, Taylor went home and yelled, “ Are you there?” Taylor’s mom, Rydel, walked out laughing and spinning Taylor around. “Our little pop star is home,” she said. Taylor walked up to her mom and said, “ Mom, you know I don’t like when you call me that” Taylor upstairs to room and plopped her bag down on her floor. She put her pajamas on and took off her makeup. She jumped into her bed and fell asleep.

The next day, Taylor got an email from her producer asking her to sing the hardest song in the world. It was called, “Free”

Taylor got so excited. She bounced and bounced everywhere.
“Oh my gosh!! I have to practice! Pick out what I’m gonna’ wear. I don’t know! Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom!! Guess what!! My producer wants me to sing Free”Taylor screamed. Realizing what she meant, Taylor’s mom said, “Oh my gosh, sweetie, that is great. When?”

“OMG!! Tonight! Really tonight!” Taylor said. She ran into her room and grabbed 15 different dresses. “Which is better? This, this, this or this?” Taylor screamed.

“They are all beautiful but, you should practice,”  Taylor’s mom said. “I will, I will. But, first what should I wear?” Taylor asked. “ I like this one,” Taylor’s mom said. “You’re right. The other one is better,” Taylor smiled.

Taylor had been practicing all day without warmups and she was just about to walk on stage when her mom said, “ You sing your heart out pop star. Break-a-leg,”

“Thanks mom!” Taylor said. There was just one problem. Just as Taylor walked on stage, she had remembered that she forgot to do warm-ups. There was no turning back now.

Taylor stared out into the crowd and smiled. She closed her eyes and sang. Just as she was about to hit a high note, her voice started to sound hoarse and croaky and it started to hurt. It was kind of like she couldn’t sing! Taylor could no longer sing the song and she looked out into the booing crowd and she ran away with tears flying out her eyes. “Taylor!” her mother yelled. Taylor kept running until she found her dressing room. She locked herself in and began to cry. She had embarrassed herself in front of the whole country. Just then, there was a knock at the door. She opened it and it was her mom.

“Sweetie, what is wrong?” Her mom said.  Taylor said, “ I just embarrassed myself in front of America! What will people think...OW!” Taylor felt like she couldn't talk. “Ummmm...use this board and talk. Who cares what other people think! But, let me take you to your father and let’s talk about why you can’t talk”, her mom said.

“Hmmmmm….Let’s see. Let’s get her into the doctor’s quick!” Taylor’s dad, Steven, said.

“Interesting...very interesting Mr. Fleetman and how did this happen?” the doctor questioned. “She was out on stage and she started to sound hoarse and croaky and she started to crack”, Steven said. “I think it is obvious now. She has lost her voice. Her vocals don’t look very good. They are very red and they look weary. I am going to talk to some other doctors and I will be right back with your results,” the doctor said.

Taylor wrote on the board “Do you think I will sing again?” Her mother said, “Sweetie..I don’t think you will need to……….”  Taylor’s mom was interrupted by Tay’s cellphone. Taylor handed it to her mother because it was her producer. “Hello..Oh I..hi, Robert. Yes..Oh we’re terribly sorry, no, no. Taylor, did I think. But, we’re here at the hospital waiting for her test re…I apologize but, there is nothing I can do. Taylor tried her best and that is all that matters. Okay..yes...have a nice day, sir. Bye-bye!” Taylor’s mother said to her producer and then to Taylor ,“Your producer wasn’t happy with your performance. He said you made him look horrible in front of everyone,” Taylor wrote on the board “Could this day get any worse?”

The doctor came in and said, “I have bad and good news. The bad news is that you can never sing again. The good news is that we have some people who will donate their voice to you”

“What! But, you can fix it, right?” Steven said. “I cannot. But..I think I know someone who can. He lives in California and he is a specialist at voice problems. I would get on the move now. He gets booked quickly. And first, I would like to ask if Taylor did warm-ups before she went onstage and second I would like to show you guys the voice options,”

“Umm...I think she did warm-ups. Did you, Tay?” Her mother asked. Taylor wrote on the board “I forgot to. I was going to go backstage and do except I forgot to” Taylor’s mother had an annoyed face. “You CANNOT forget to do those. Your voice could be in great danger because of our careless act!” Her mother said. “If I may interrupt, I would like to show you the voice options she has,”The doctor said.

Taylor and her parents walked down a hall with guts in jars and doctors looking inside them and touching them. It gave Taylor the chills. She walked into a little room with 5 people sitting on stools. Their backs were turned to Taylor’s face. “We have option number 1: Meet Grandpa Dale. Option number 2: Grandma Luanna. Option number 3: Uncle Fabio. Option number 4: Aunt Polly. And option number 5: Teenage Sydney. So who do you choose?” The doctor said. Taylor wrote on the board “I would rather see the doctor  in California than choose these voices”. The people all frowned and walked out of the room. The doctor gave Taylor’s father a card that had the Californian doctor’s name and address on it.

The next day, Taylor’s family was packing the moving truck to drive down into California. Taylor frowned when she saw her old room empty. She walked out the room and looked around her old dining area. Taylor opened the door and locked it behind her. “We have everything, right?”Taylor’s father asked. Everyone’s head nodded when Taylor wrote in the board “How long are we staying there?” Taylor’s father said, “As long as we need. I rented a place in Beverly Hills and we’ll be staying there. We’ll drive you down to the doctor’s and he can fix you up,” Taylor smiled. She was going to miss her old home but, an adventure awaited her.

When Taylor walked to the door in California, she was amazed. It was the biggest house she had ever seen. When she walked in the door, she danced around the tower area. There was a beautiful white tile floor. The kitchen was the biggest thing she had ever seen. There were 8 bedrooms that her parents did not know what to do with. Since, it was only Taylor and her parents and Taylor’s brother was in New York for college.

They immediately drove Taylor to the doctor’s office. The doctor looked at her voice tonsils and it looked she needed a big surgery. Taylor’s parents worried a little but, scheduled it anyways.

Taylor, that day, had a meet and greet at her awesome house. The fans gave her cards and “bedazzled sharpies”. That day she met the last girl in line. It was a girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She had braids on each side of her ponytail. “Hi! I am Breyer! Sooooo...nice to meet you! I am a huge, huge, huge fan,” The girl said. Taylor signed her book and gave it back to her. “I feel really bad that you have a big surgery. I would do it for you except they are not my tonsils. Haha…Oh!!! You have to meet a few people” Breyer smiled and grabbed her arm and pulled her down the sidewalk.

“Guys, guys, guys!! Meet Taylor Fleetman!!” Breyer screamed. Brenton dropped her book and Brekin stopped sewing. “Hi!” All the girls said at once. “Isn’t she great!? Oh..tell her about the thing, you know,” Breyer said. “Right.,  there is a blog called Every Girle’ we have and there is a Girle’ of the Year. One of our girls left because she was not good. So, we are looking for a new girl. What Breyer wants is that you join because you are awesome. Will you?” Brenton said. Taylor smiled and wrote on the board “I will certainly think about it,” Breyer wrote their email their email on piece of paper and gave it to Taylor. Taylor smiled and wave goodbye.

The day had come! Surgery day. Taylor was very nervous. So, nervous that it took her parents and 3 of her bodyguards to get her in the car.

When Taylor arrived, the doctor had been getting all his tools ready. He sat Taylor on the chair and put her to sleep. He worked on her voice all day. Her parents were holding hands hoping for success.

When Taylor woke up she didn't talk. Her parents frowned and almost cried until she said, “I’m back!” Taylor’s parents ran to her and hugged her. They thanked the doctor and went home.

“Sweetie! Let’s  go and watch a movie,” her mother said. “Hold on. There is one thing I really need to do,” Taylor said.

Taylor emailed Breyer saying that she will be at the “EG Studio” tomorrow. Breyer screamed her pants off.

This is how the Girle's of the Year became who is she is now. Taylor was really scared but, people had faith around her. This is why she is known as the girl who almost lost her voice.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

EG coloring pages of Taylor on the way!!





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