Con-Troll Yourself----Fairy Tale Diaries #4

                                Fairy Tale Diaries

Dear Diary,

Taylor here! I just had the weirdest day. 

  So, my best friend, Madison, invited me to one of her sleepovers. The first thing we did was Truth or Dare. Maddie started and picked Truth. She said," I'm related to trolls." I returned saying,"Oh trolls. Wait....trolls!" "Oh I think they're here.", Maddie said as she ran downstairs,"Grandpappie..... Grandmommie!!". The grandparents were trolls. As my eyes got big, my mouth hung wide open as I slowly started to walk away. Slowly, very, very slowly. I grabbed my bags and jumped out the window in Maddie's room.The window was too small so, I broke a little of their house. (That's probably why I'm getting window/house treatment payments.)I ran, quickly, to the window where the trolls were and I heard them say they live in a rock house filled with old gum. I really did throw-up for sec there.

I backed away from the window and ran away quickly. Mom even questioned why I got home so quickly. 

Well, today was a weird day! I'm actually a little scared to go back to Maddie's house. She hardly noticed I was gone!

Well, I have to go!



Did you like the story??

Every Girle'



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