Who is she? How did Alyssa get here?


                                                       Alyssa's Story

            When Alyssa woke up this morning, she ran to her gym room and started practicing some gymnastics moves. Her mom woke up and called Alyssa in. She said," COMING!!" She ran to her room and got her best dress on. She put her favorite dangling earrings and her favorite ring on. She swiftly ran downstairs and ate quickly. Right when Alyssa was about to walk out, her dad showed her the gymnastics moves for the annual amazing gymnast's festival. Her mom always did an amazing flip trick with scarves. She flipped and right now you might ask, " Where do the scarves go??" They go on her feet.  Anyways, Alyssa was very excited to see her mom perform. Alyssa made all the moves up herself. " I can't believe people will be practicing the moves I came up with!! It's amazing dad!", Alyssa said smiling.  Before Alyssa could say anything else, her mom told her the bus was coming. She gave her parents kisses and was off.

Alyssa walked into class and saw Riley sitting at her desk. ( Riley is Alyssa's best friend ) Riley turned her head and ran over to Alyssa. Alyssa screamed! She was so excited to see Riley back from camp. " So! Tell me all about it!! How was volleyball camp?? ", Alyssa questioned. " It was beyond amazing!! We learned all these amazing techniques.", Riley smiled. The new 6th grade teacher walked in with a new girl named Brandon. She had ocean blue eyes and a dark bear colored brown for her hair. Brandon, walked quickly over to Riley and sat next to her. Alyssa frowned. She walked over to another desk far away from Riley.

                                      After school, Alyssa went to gymnastics.

     Alyssa flipped in the room and cartwheeled. She walked over to the beam and did a flip and her coach said to her," Alyssa!! How many times have I said not to do the flip on the beam. Your not completely qualified. The way you'll get there is by starting with your back handspring."  Alyssa said," I'm sorry, Coach Jenny. It's just that I feel like a baby when I have to do my ol' back handspring. I'm in level 5. I'm not in Junior Academy, anymore."  " Alyssa!!" , said coach Jenny. Alyssa walked back to the beam and tried again. She just had to listen to Coach Jenny because the only way to qualify for team, was to be ready. In her standards she was ready, in Coach Jenny's not even close. She frowned.


        She walked home very depressed. She didn't understand why Coach Jenny wouldn't let her move on. She kept thinking that she could never make into the Olympics. Never, Ever, Ever!! She arrived at her parent's house. When she got home, she couldn't find anyone. Dad was probably still at work. He works as a dj at the local radio station. Mom was probably in her room reading and Jenny was probably listening to music. She dropped her bags and ran up to her mom's room. When she walked in her mom's room, they both smiled. Mom said," How was gymnastics and school? "    " It was okay. Riley was starting to make some new friends and I can't seem to move on in gymnastics. The only way I will get into the Olympics is by getting into team.", Alyssa Frowned.  "The first day of school can be hard but, let's right now forget about that because I have a surprise for you. Your going to have a new little  sister. TAD-AH!!!", her mom said.    " WHAT!!!!!!!! That's good and bad. It's good because I want a new little sister and it's bad because then you can't perform in the show.", Alyssa said. " I'm sorry, honey. Maybe you could perform in the festival!? ", her mom continued. " Dring, Dring! This is reality calling to tell you I will kill myself in the parade. I will freeze up. I'm sorry!", Alyssa said as she ran out of the room. Her mom sighed.

                 She ran downstairs and her mom followed slowly. They got to the table and her dad told her some bad news. He said," So, I have some bad news! My boss fired me and the only way I can get my job back is by renting a house in California for a year and then he will test me there.I told him that we agree." Alyssa smiled and tried not to be disappointed but, she couldn't take it. She said," What about all my friends here and gymnastics and school. I can't leave that all behind. What about the parade??? "  " We will get back in time. And, I have to, sweetie. I will get my job back. Kids, I would like you guys to start packin'.", her dad smiled. " As long as I can bring my phone, computer, and mp3 player, I'm in!", Jessica said as she payed attention to her phone. " We start packing the moving truck, tomorrow and we leave on Monday.", her dad said. Alyssa frowned. She didn't understand how hard it would be to transfer from Michigan to California.

     Alyssa walked to her computer and got onto her email. She emailed Riley as quick as possible. After, Alyssa got her pajamas and went to bed. She thought how they were leaving all her friends behind.

                 When Alyssa woke up, she got dressed and started to pack. She looked out the window and saw Riley playing with the new girl. She rolled her eyes and got back to work.

                 Monday came and Alyssa took one last look at the house. Riley came and said, " If you ever need me, call me. Here's my number. UGH! I'm gonna miss you!" Alyssa walked into the car and waved good-bye.

                Arrived! Here she is. Alyssa Skylar. Aly hopped out of the car and walked into the house. "HUH! Here we are! Your brand new home", her dad smiled as he took a deep breath. She walked in and was surrounded by red carpet. The carpet was filled with hair and dust. The walls were painted different colors and Alyssa was disgusted. She dropped her bags and her father directed her to her room. It was filled with red carpet. It was very narrow and long.

                Her mother had told her to go across the street and buy some food. As usual, she cartwheeled and flipped to the store. That is when she accidentally bumped into Brekin. "UGH! Watch where you're going! You ruined my dress", Brekin said. "Oh, sorry", Alyssa smiled. "Wow! That was pretty impressive! I don't know if I could do that", Breyer smiled. "So weird. We are out looking for a girl like you to qualify for Girle' of the Year. FYI, this girle' thing is for our famous blog, Every Girle' and a Girle' of the Year is a girl who is good at what they love and they stay there for a year and help other girls make there dreams come true. Would you like to qualify?'', Brenton exclaimed. Alyssa thought for a second and then signed the paper that said she wants to be the Girle' of the Year.

                  One week later, she was approved as the Girle' of the Year. She was so excited. Her parents were very happy, too. Alyssa, then, called Riley and she said that she and Brandon weren't friends anymore. They had a little fight. Alyssa thought was awesome!

               So, this is Alyssa's story, in honor of her leaving.




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