Stop, Like and Listen- Please!

                Here are the words to a new song I wrote.

                            "Look at my guitar laying on my bed. I remember why it was there. It was after I song I wrote with you that it was thrown. Same with our friendship. It's long gone. We never do the things we used to. Never. I'm driving myself up the wall and have just figured out the game your playing. I have a feeling inside that you don't care as much as you did before. Cause.


                           You never answer the phone when I call, All night long. You never text me back when I text you. You never answer the door anymore. You never, ever listen to my songs when I bring my guitar down. Now, I would understand if you were working at a full time job. I would understand if you were locked away. But, your just sitting there waiting for your life to take a turn. All you have to do to be mine, is Stop, Like and Listen.


                             Lies are coming out of you and just want to lock them away. I was wonderstruck when I met you. Not so much anymore. I'm always sent home with tears and songs in my head. And don't think that I don't understand what your doing. I know you don't want me anymore. So, maybe I should stop sharing my secrets. I know cause.

                                                          ( Repeat Chorus)

                                   I'm done! I'm done! I'm gonna break down an cry. My engine is almost busted. I don't how much longer I take this anymore. I don't how much longer I can drive down this twisted road. I've gotta make my decision. So make your move. I will either choose or I will not.

                                                   ( Repeat Chorus x2)


                                       So, don't let me down now. Don't let me go this December. Don't send me home with tears. So, today I hope you know what I expect from you. Don't not answer the door. If you didn't hear my hopes, this is a good example of you not trying to Stop, Like and Listen."

                         Please do this. Don't let me go this December. Just try to Stop, Like and Listen.




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