I know this kind of late but, I want to tell you about my Halloween.

What was I dressed as- I was Princess Jasmine, my sister was Princess Rapunzel and My other sister was Princess Ariel.

              The first thing we did is we went found a neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat in. That was the most amazing neighborhood ever! They gave full sized candy bars. Awesome! ( I now have five.) Of course, we didn't stop there. We went to the one behind us and kept trick-or-treating from there.

             Later on, we went to a neighborhood where they always made this AMAZING haunted house. My dad and I went in it while my sisters and mom went trick-or-treating. (It was like a 20 minute wait.) Once we got in, we walked through and I wasn't scared at all. While we were in there, I saw my old buddy, Jenna, from Girl Scouts.

             It was a pretty awesome Halloween!! How was yours??



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