Meet the Girle's

So you met Breyer. Now you are going to meet Brenton Baise Clydesdale.


Brenton Baise on the second left.

Name: Brenton Baise Clydesdale
Nickname: Brent. or Clydes.
Favorite color : turquoise
lucky number:15
Favorite number: 15
Favorite food: mashed potatoes because they look like fluffy little clouds she can stuff her face in.
Favorite dessert: Tiramisu
 Dream car: Camaro Cheverolet
Hobbies: writing about celebrities, Roller skating, and Cheer leading
Favorite thing to do: Play paintball with her dad and to journal about celebrities
Charity help: Teaches people to journal about things they love
Dream jobs: Being a top a celebrity journalist and being a great race car driver
Chinese Zodiac: Horse
Birthday: April 15,2013
Favorite animal: Giraffe 

To tell you the truth she has a boyish personality. She loves it because it is different to have a boyish personality.



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